As Twitchy reported, Dana Loesch and her family have been receiving threatening hate mail, likely from a gun-grabbing, snot-sucking, cowardly, anonymous dirtbag; today she has been on a ‘take no prisoners’ tear on Twitter.

Shannon Watts has this really bad habit of blocking EVERYONE and then whining about them; she is exceptionally horrible where Dana Loesch is concerned.

As such, Loesch has been going OFF today … and it’s GLORIOUS.

Stop the patriarchy indeed. Heh.

You know women like Watts hate being called the patriarchy, which makes these tweets even more RAD.

Gun lies aren’t getting past Dana today either … it’s seriously like these idiots trying to scare her family has had the opposite effect they were looking for because her whole timeline is gunsense destruction.

Yes, yes they are.

She went on to challenge Ladd Everitt to call in and debate and all he did was block her.

Such a tough guy! And what’s the connection here? Hrm.

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