Wikileaks dropped Part 9 of the #PodestaEmails Sunday morning …

Looking through Podesta’s emails is a bit cumbersome because the man is excruciatingly boring HOWEVER an email between Hillary’s Director of Communications, Jennifer Palmieri, and Jake Sullivan a top foreign policy analyst for the Clinton Campaign, where they are discussing an upcoming New York Times piece is pretty interesting. In the opening paragraph a joke is made about Ted Cruz’s nationality (at that time he was the first and only Republican candidate for president):


These emails from March of last year show that even then, Cruz made the Clinton camp nervous. They continued their ‘witty smug banter’ about how Hillary should say something funny about Cruz.

tcruz2 Meaningful OR funny. C’mon, make a joke about Canada, clearly you want to.

Or just say something lighthearted, it would make news. Yeah, that’s it.


It’s all about making the news because you KNOW they’ll do their best to report on what Hillary says and pretend it’s the funniest most meaningful thing they’ve heard in DECADES.

Suppose once a birther, always a birther, right Team Hillary?