For months, Hillary has been telling anyone who will listen that she is a WOMAN and that she understands WOMEN and will do whatever she can to make sure that if you have a vagina your life will be monumentally better if she’s president.

Of course that gets tricky with the whole gender fluid thing but that’s another story.

And yeah, we don’t buy it and neither does Dana Loesch …

It does come off as though Hillary thinks women are stupid. All of her rhetoric, ideas, ads … it’s like she thinks women will buy the fact that we’re all oppressed and when we get our “Queen Hillary” (face it, that’s how she sees herself) that oppression will lift.

There isn’t anything empowering about Hillary’s messaging for women, she just perpetuates the victim mentality that has been the bread and butter for third wave feminism.

Yes, the idea that women need feminism to survive which is beyond insulting and totally negates the idea behind classical feminism.

There is more truth to this than many would like to accept. Hillary clearly thinks Americans in general are stupid, otherwise she wouldn’t think she can get away with destroying evidence and lying about it … oh wait, she did get away with that. Maybe some Americans are stupid.

Their whole agenda is built around people being too stupid to know any better … and to this point, this is not specific to Hillary. It’s been a consistent message for the Democrats for decades.

These “war -on-women” ads are exceptionally awful though: