Well then.

Doesn’t this read like Shannon is telling on the store manager? “Hey fellow gun loons, Kroger won’t let us bully them into making this a gun-free zone so DON’T SHOP THERE.”

Which means anyone who supports the Second Amendment will likely do some extra shopping at their local Kroger. #MERICA

Plus Dana brings up a really good point, how Moms Demand Action only cares about certain types of moms, you know, the ones who agree with them. Plenty of moms carry conceal to protect themselves and their families but that would go against Shannon’s nonsensical rhetoric so they ignore those moms.


Talk about great PR – stores everywhere should hope for Moms Demand Action to come in with their silly petitions so they can turn them down and bring more people into their stores.

Yeah, poor kid.

The number of women who carry goes up every year for just this reason – a firearm levels the playing field especially when you’re dealing with predators.

And recorded it then posted it to Twitter …

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