Hey, at least they weren’t sitting behind Biden and nodding and giving him a thumb’s up, right? Because if so the media would be trying to doxx them like they doxxed the WOC at the Trump Town Hall. Granted, she didn’t actually ask any questions as these two people did with Biden, but you know, orange man bad so she had it comin’.

Or something.

At least according to Tom Nichols she did.

Sounds like Biden was more than comfy taking questions from these folks:

From Fox News:

Two of the questioners at the ABC town hall featuring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday had ties to high-profile Democrats, including one questioner who previously worked as a speechwriter in the Obama administration.

The queries came as President Trump, hundreds of miles away, was engaging in his own parallel town hall being aired on NBC. The ABC town hall was hosted by George Stephanopoulos, who was a communications director for the Bill Clinton White House and who has been a political journalist since 2002.

One of the questioners at the ABC-hosted event was Nathan Osburn, a former speechwriter for the Obama White House. Osburn specifically worked for the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration and at the Small Business Administration.

Think Pop Biden knew what the questions were going to be ahead of time?

Where’s Donna Brazile when you need her?

We’d be more surprised if they weren’t Democrat plants.

Surely not.


Meanwhile, Trump was debating Savannah Guthrie on NBC.



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