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Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma Keeps Playing Footsie With Biden on Immigration and It Shows

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

There is no more vile home to scum and villainy than that of Washington DC.


Here is a prime example of a red state congress critter who posts tough talk on social media but caves repeatedly when the chips are down. In case you missed it, here was Ted Cruz taking Lankford to task months ago; if a senator from a border state takes issue, one would think he should listen.

A lot of you on X have had enough, too. 

Yeah, that's going to be a no.


It was the backlash Lankford earned, though.

He's too busy doing what they all do: saying one thing publicly and then acting contrary to the wishes of his actual constituency privately.


Derek is right. Truthfully, both sides wanted this issue for different reasons. That's why a GOP majority stopped Trump in 2017. Both sides could fundraise off it, playing to their base's differing expectations, among other reasons for each side. Let's face it: if the government fixed what was broken, they would, at best, become obsolescent. 

If not for governors like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis, we would likely still not truly understand how bad the situation had gotten. Thankfully, they took steps to make people see what our federal government has been hiding from us. Full disclosure: This writer is from Oklahoma, and James Lankford has lost this writer's confidence.

Only time will tell if he can earn back the trust of his fellow Oklahomans,

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