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'Fist bump!' Obama speech previews (Bonus: Who is running US foreign policy revealed) [pics]

Giggling madly! Oh, @ExJon, you’ve done it again.

Others have noticed that President Obama is a tad Chamberlain-y:



The president is set to speak to the country Tuesday night.

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for President Bush, previewed Obama’s speech with his own classic snark:


The @ExJon picture-preview scores a Bam!

That wasn’t his only prediction, however:

Snort! Who can forget the ludicrous @BarackObama #ROAR tweet to Katy Perry? Or the subsequent side-splitting mockery!


Another Twitter user previews the speech in picture form:



And a classic:


ExJon brings it all home with an exit revelation:

Double bam! With the aid of new Syria adviser, comedian and actor Albert Brooks, natch.


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