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Mock-tastic! Mary Katharine Ham, Rep. Stockman zing John 'unbelievably small' Kerry

Bada-zing! Mary Katharine blasted John Kerry as only she can. As Twitchy reported, Secretary of State Kerry made the case for Syria strikes by claiming they would be “unbelievably small.”


No, for serious. He said that. With what we assume was a straight face. Of course, Kerry’s face doesn’t actually move, at least his forehead doesn’t, so a straight face isn’t too difficult for him.

Enter Mary Katharine Ham, who combined “small” Kerry mockery with the report that stated Obama is seeking action that is “just muscular enough to not get mocked.

Twitter users giggled madly. We are all 12 years old now.



Double snicker.

Then came Rep. Stockman to bring home the win:



John McCain slams John Kerry over ‘unbelievably small’ remarks

‘Unbelievably incompetent’: John Kerry says attack on Syria will be ‘unbelievably small’

Zzzzyria? Lauren Sivan snark-slams John Kerry, offers idea for ‘greatest weapon’ [pic]

Report saying Obama seeking Syria response ‘just muscular enough not to get mocked’ gets mocked

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