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'Nailed it!' Jay Leno kills it with Syria, Obamacare combo zinger

+1? Nah, that’s not enough for such a boom-worthy zinger!


That’s more like it. But wait … there was more! Jay Leno continued to zing Obama and Congress as only he can.


Beautiful. OK, he actually said Congress, but that doesn’t change the zing-factor.


Check out the video over at Jammie Wearing Fool. It’s delicious!

This isn’t the first time Leno has called Obama to the carpet. And surely it won’t be the last: Matt Drudge noticed that Leno asks tougher questions of the president than the lapdogs at The New York Times do. As actor Kevin Sorbo noted, perhaps Leno dominates late night due to his equal-opportunity comedy. And truth!


Keep the funnies coming, sir!


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