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'Truth!' Dem treatment of black conservatives summed up in a pic; Racist libs prove it

It’s not funny, but it is true. As Twitchy readers know, black conservatives are on the receiving end of some of the most vile hate imaginable. Time and time again. Here are just a few despicable examples:


Twitter libs are continuing to show their true racist colors as well.

Good grief, indeed. But she wasn’t done with her sickening display:

Of course she will ignore “as usual.” They are to be relegated to the back of the bus. Some of her best friends are black! But only if they shaddup and make her a sammich.

Scratch a liberal, find a racist. Every. Time.

Twitter user and brave veteran Wayne Dupree has had enough.



Thank you, sirs. Our gratitude is endless.



A key point that racist libs will never understand. They see only color and foully believe “all you people” must think alike. The most insidious form of racism.


Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin also gave racist libs the business recently.


There’s the difference right there. Conservatives stand up for everyone as individuals. Libs seek to enslave people in identity lock-boxes for their own end only.

An an exit video: Watch Michelle Malkin destroy the race card. It’s glorious:


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