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Conan O'Brien swipes Drudge at Nerd Prom; Matt Drudge snarks, tweets WHCD memory [pic]


Matt Drudge took to Twitter to offer some snark-thoughts on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He also offered up a memory from a past “Nerd Prom.”


Ah, memories!

Conan O’Brien did have something to say about Drudge:


Heh. Maybe Conan was reminiscing too?


Heh: Matt Drudge calls for ‘shared sacrifice’; ‘Delay takeoffs for Air Force One!’

Zing! Leading by example? Matt Drudge slams ‘brazen’ Obama for his 18 percent tax rate

‘You’re welcome, Joe’: Matt Drudge reacts to Biden’s $585,000 Paris hotel tab

Irony giggles! Matt Drudge: Snow delays global warming hearing again; Carbon tax politicians! [photo]

Matt Drudge warns of streets filled with Google Glass zombies


Matt Drudge snarks over Super Bowl blackout; Praises Paul Harvey ‘So God made a farmer’ tribute ad; Update: Rob Lowe agrees

Matt Drudge remembers Ed Koch’s NYC: ‘When soda was flowing and disco was pumping’

Resistance is futile! Matt Drudge, Sunday poet, mocks Sergey Brin and the Google glasses Borg

Matt Drudge asks would Rahm Emanuel pass mental health check after ‘naked rage’ on Capitol?

Matt Drudge hits Gov. Cuomo for mental health checks in gun law: ‘The patients are truly running the asylum!’

Zing! Matt Drudge blasts Fey, Moore for lame jokes at Golden Globes; ‘Palin has a life’

Matt Drudge: ’3,500 will be killed by abortion today; no media hyperventilating, no presidents crying’

Matt Drudge teases campaign sex scandal; Twitter speculates; Update: ‘Powerful senator’; Update: Menendez prostitution scandal

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