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Lib rules of engagement: Josh Groban's CPAC 'jokes' spark push-back; Blames Malkin, bravely runs away; Updated

Bingo. As Twitchy reported, singer Josh Groban attempted to make a funny about CPAC. Stick to your day job, dude. Maybe.

Josh Groban was none too pleased when Twitter users, including Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin, questioned why he would diss a large segment of his fan base.


How dare you question him?! Conservative-slamming is par for the course in the entertainment business. So edgy!

He’s totally funny! Because he says he is.

Shame on … Michelle. For what? Bitterly clinging to discussions and engagement? Diversity! Unless, of course, that means diversity of thought.


Waah! Discussions are now war.

He is taking a page from NPR’s book, where even simple questions are considered “trolling.” Malkin gives Groban the business, with a huge dose of reality and common sense.


Precisely. Groban then bravely runs away.

Soup is the new squirrel! Bless his heart. Michelle Malkin and other Twitter users continued to try to enlighten Mr. Groban.






And that score will keep climbing.

This Twitter user puts it in a tweet-nutshell.


But you can’t even mention that, without being accused of waging a war, right Mr. Groban?

Precisely. It’s okay, though. No one need buy that album either.


The most offensive part is how lame and tired it all is. Artists, musical and otherwise, like to pretend to be oh-so-edgy and enlightened (never mind tolerant). They are anything but. They are trite, hackneyed and cowardly.



Groban insists he didn’t mean to slam conservatives, just our bad jokes:

He’d make fun of Obama, too, if Obama ever told a lousy joke:

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