Josh Groban: ‘CPAC stands for Conservative Politicians Attempting Comedy right?’

Ba-dum-tsh! Singer-turned-comedy critic Josh Groban will be here all week. Try the veal!


A good question from Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin:

Hat tip: @weshouldallcare

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    Somebody blow the comedy whistle cause that was a zinger-roony! Not only was that not funny, it damaged his career, just so he can attempt to demean people he doesn’t even know. What a charmer.

    • TonyMontana3

      CPAC is full of clowns. He was just being honest.

      • TugboatPhil

        His tweet was so “funny” that he had to explain it. That’s honesty.

      • RedSoloCup

        Beat it, Spaulding.

      • KansasGirl

        Oh goody, another snarkmaster.
        Profound and evathing.

  • kch50428

    @joshgroban – can you say “Dixie Chicks”?

    • mdtljt

      But…but…I’m so ultra-mega talented I just CAN’T be dissed like they were…amiright?!? Hey, Josh…sorry (NOT) to say your vocal stylings are best suited to elevators & on-hold tracks….ya know, the aural assaults the rest of us are FORCED to listen to. Fading into obscurity in 3…2…1

      • Connie Crawford

        fading into obscurity in 3…2…1? he’s been selling millions of cd’s for 10 years – more than just a passing fad..

        • Jillane Kent

          So did New Kids on the Block and Milli Vanilli.

          • v1cious

            Do you really want to get into why that’s a ridiculous comment, or would you prefer to save yourself the embarrassment?

          • Jillane Kent

            What is so ridiculous about pointing out that both of the aforementioned groups also sold millions of records? Selling millions of records (dated patois) does not necessarily mean that one will be anything more than a passing fad.

          • RedSoloCup

            Don’t feed the troll.

          • Judith Carol Bean

            See my comment above to Connie Crawford to get the REAL answer from a senior communications consulantt to the big shots!

          • v1cious

            I’ll give you New Kids, since they were obviously a fad, but Milli Vanilli is the worst example you could have possibly used to make your point. Seriously, were you asleep during that whole scandal? Obviously that had nothing to do with their ability to sell cd’s.

          • RedSoloCup

            You might want to heed your own advice.

        • Judith Carol Bean

          Yep! He has, but that does NOT mean one insulting tweet, statement, action, whatever, will NOT result in the loss of millions of Republican fans! Silly AND immature for such a talented man!

      • Miss Clairee

        My mom called me this evening and said, “I know I’m not supposed to litter, but I threw that Josh Groban CD the grandkids got me 3 years ago out the window of my car. I was going about 60 mph. Do you think I’m gonna get arrested?”

        Me to Mom: “No Mom, you did us all a favor. I think Mother Earth will understand.”

        • Steven Gee

          God bless you for being on the same page with your Mom! I wish in the future I’ll share the same passion with my 7 y.o. son.
          P.S. Your Mom is so cool!!!

          • Miss Clairee

            Awwwwww. Thanks! I think so too. My mom is the epitome of what a REAL American is…..she was abandoned by both her parents at the age of 7. As a young adult, she paid for her own education after having me and my brother (our dad left us as youngsters)……with NO assistance from the government and NO child support……she busted her hind end day and night to provide for us and to send us to college. My mom is a GREAT American! She is now over 70 and still works 10 hour days, 6 days a week!!!!!!!

    • Justin Mars

      Exactly! I would say the majority of people that do listen to his music are conservative. Or should I say, did.

      • Bigginels

        “Did” is right! At least on my part. You lift me up? No mo!

      • conservativechick

        He’s excited about his new twitter followers, but wait until all his real fans stop buying his stuff! He won’t be so happy then. What a shame. I did like him before he insulted me.

    • Eric Denton

      Probably not.Their career is so forgotten like his will be soon.He could be a Dixie Chick,Lol. Dixie Chicks,Josh Groban???Who are they?

      • TonyMontana3

        Stop pretending you don’t know who they are.

        • RedSoloCup

          Of course, you are a “smart person”.

    • v1cious

      You mean the Grammy-Award winning Dixie Chicks? I must be thinking of someone else.

      • Elizabeth Lipp

        Yes, Tyshunn, they are Grammy winners, but they destroyed themselves by opening their big yaps overseas. One never hears about the Dixie Chics anymore. They are over.

      • TugboatPhil

        Wow! They got an award from other music people! Did everyone get a pat on the back too?

      • RedSoloCup

        The “Grammy Award winning at Shooting Their Mouths Off” Dixie Twits?

  • BodiazRising

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA – Who’s writes his material??? Josh Groban? Oh…

  • Steve_J

    Based on his “joke” his last name has one too many “b’s”.

    • Stone Bryson

      Well done, sir!

    • RedSoloCup


  • Spatial Awareness

    Oh look EVERYBODY. The comedic styling of .@joshgroban #AttentionWHORE #SOMBODYLookAtMELookAtME

  • KansasGirl

    Josh, you’re gonna regret that tweet.

    • SnarkMaster

      Wow – that’s pretty small scale in comparison to the sort of stuff any liberal who posts online hears from conservatives. Are Groban’s fans really that hypersensitive?

      • cgraham77

        “…in comparison to the sort of stuff…”

        Such as??

        • SnarkMaster

          Ummm… treason for starters….

          • cgraham77

            That was the most non-descript answer ever. Which is just what I expected!! LOL! You just proved my point.

          • Jillane Kent

            If you care to search the entertainment archives on this site, you’ll quickly find that vitriol is not limited to your straw-men conservative fantasies.

          • SnarkMaster

            Agreed. That’s why this guy’s comment was so light-weight on the spectrum of political talk that the backlash shows an astounding lack of perspective.

          • KansasGirl

            I see.
            Because you judged the comment as “light-weight”, we conservatives now have no perspective.
            You show your astounding lack of perspective, by ignoring myriad leftist voices that are given national attention (fawningly) by the industrial media complex…but let’s ignore that and throw a hissy fit about Twitchy. lol

          • SnarkMaster

            Your belief that my comment was a “hissy fit” extends your lack of perspective. Reading comprehension is not among your strengths.

          • KansasGirl

            Again, whatever.

          • SnarkMaster

            Four words in three replies – nice. I married a different girl from Kansas a few decades back. She’s a nice person, while your identity brings shame upon your state.

          • KansasGirl

            Were you never taught less is more, snark?
            Also, do you honestly believe that you have to tell me that you married a “different” girl from Kansas. Duh.
            Furthermore, how can you say I bring shame to my state…having never met me.
            I wish you happiness and a good life…but I’m done responding to your convoluted mishmash.

          • TugboatPhil

            We don’t think you all are traitors, just that you hate America and don’t mind it being destroyed. Legally there IS a difference.

          • SnarkMaster

            Whatever. I love America, and many conservatives say they love it but in reality won’t be able to do so unless certain parts of it are rolled back (Amendments 13 & higher, New Deal, Commerce Clause, Brown v Board of Education, the EPA, Obama Presidency, etc.). My point is that such attacks are considerably more vicious than anything this random celebrity said about CPAC. Conservatives who think it is somehow outside the norm of acceptable discourse to say what he said need to check their own speech – and that of their conservative companions.

        • SnarkMaster

          You did not make a point, as such, and even if I explicitly conceded whatever your point was, it would fall short of “proving” it, except under very limited dialectic assumptions. It would be, at best, an appeal to authority which is an inductive argument, and you haven’t explain what expertise of mine you are deferring to.

          • cgraham77

            Oh i, I see…you deleted your lame response and follow up with another lame response. Yup, you’re definitely “winning.” LOL.

            P.S. trust me, there is no “appeal to authority” here, you have no position whatsoever…I’m claiming you are a dumbass! And again you prove me correct :)

          • SnarkMaster

            No post has been deleted, and no explanation offered for how anything I said could somehow “prove” you correct. Perhaps in a couple of decades you’ll understand the point my post made about that.

          • Guest

            If you think I’m going to give a crap about you in a couple of days, much less a couple decades, you got major issues.

          • cgraham77

            Oh ok, your responses just magically disappeared. Got it.

            Also, if you think I’m going to give a crap about you in a couple days, much less a couple decades, you got major issues.

          • SnarkMaster

            I am not aware of any disappearing responses, although I do post often enough that it is hard to be sure. I agree that you won’t care about me in a couple of days, although you should feel free to shorten the time span further if you wish. Enjoy your triumph!

        • cgraham77


          Oh i, I see…you deleted your lame response and follow up with another lame response. Yup, you’re definitely “winning.” LOL.

          P.S. trust me, there is no “appeal to authority” here, you have no position whatsoever…I’m claiming you are a dumbass! And again you prove me correct :)

      • KansasGirl

        I wouldn’t know…not a fan.

      • RedSoloCup

        SnarkMaster? More like AssholeMaster.

        • SnarkMaster

          Interesting invitation you extend, but I shall decline.

          You must have graduated right near the top of your class.

  • KBDaBear

    Even Carlos Mencia wouldn’t steal that joke

  • Hep

    C’mon, that’s not really Josh Groban, is it? I won’t believe it until I see the checkmark.

    • Jack Deth

      I thought it was David Krumholtz (Charlie Eppes) from ‘NUMB3RS’.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Mr. Groban:

    The first rule of comedy is: “To be funny!”
    You have miserably failed in that exercise.
    Though I hear that Comedy Central has a seat open for a Celebrity Roast.
    Which may be more and better suited to your nonexistent talents.

  • DavidKramer

    Hey twitchy, all these lefties that you keep having articles about, are we supposed to know who they are?

  • detroit19

    I used to like and support you, Josh…

  • lonestar

    Shut up and sing.

  • Randi Starr

    Josh, every time some fool like you opens your mouth, it reminds me of torrent {lol}

  • Joseph A White

    Way to slap your fan base, chump…

    • Randi Starr

      He’s made enough. Time for fan base to move on or go free…………………….

  • stellatruman

    sit down little man and let the smart people do the thinking for you

  • poljunkie♪

    Like you just failed at– you mean, Josh?

  • $21440013

    Hey Josh, stick to singing.. nobody cares about your political commentary! Keep talking and watch your fan base dry up

  • $7610427

    Shut up and sing…

  • Sara Nichols

    Josh Groban sucks. his music sucks.

  • Liberty

    I love his music & he’s generally just hilarious but occasionally he tweets something stupidly leftist & I have to roll my eyes. This one isn’t sooooo bad but still not funny.

  • Maxx

    There can only be one Henny Youngman and kid, you ain’t it.

    • v1cious

      Once again, showing how old most of you are.

      • Maxx

        Henny died in 1998, well into your life of misery.

        Want to try again malcontent?

        51 is the new 21 junior.

        • RedSoloCup


      • RedSoloCup

        Lighten up, Francis.

  • JCRocks

    Josh doesn’t realize he has millions of conservative fans? Millions that will now second guess the purchase of his forthcoming record? I know I am.

  • milletime810

    Josh Groban has fans?

    • SnarkMaster

      Perhaps, but not the people posting here that they were former fans, now alienated. Those people are liars.

      • Jillane Kent

        Considering the success of Phantom of the Opera, why do you find it such a stretch to believe that conservatives might be fans of his work and now will express their distaste with their monetary support of his work?

        • SnarkMaster

          Because by now conservatives should assume that ANY celeb is a liberal unless proven otherwise, and because it is much easier to say something like “no more” for effect than to mean it.

          • Jillane Kent

            Considering the weakened entertainment industry and the rise of individuals abstaining from cable and theater movie visits, I’d say many people who ideologically say “no more” are having an impact.

          • SnarkMaster

            My point is – if someone wants to use a political filter to exclude celebrities, then I don’t know why conservatives have EVER paid attention to mainstream celebs.
            No, my sense is that conservatives who like celebs don’t care about the political differences, and that conservatives who do care generally dislike celebs. The suggestion that conservatives like celebs and then suddenly change when they recognize that celebs – like many others in America – are more liberal than their home community.
            I just don’t think most conservatives are that stupid, and I think the outrage is manufactured. This is based on my life in Red State America.

          • Jillane Kent

            I would contend that stepping away from the near obsession and hero worship America has displayed with the cult of celebrity is anything but stupid.

          • SnarkMaster

            I’m not an advocate of hero worship. To read that into my post shows a nearly unethical lack of fidelity to the event. My post is closer to the OPPOSITE of that perspective.
            The “celeb” in question was not someone I knew by name until this controversy.

          • Jillane Kent

            I made that comment in general terms, Snark.

          • SnarkMaster

            The fact that you replied to my message to do so is what caused me to read it as a reply to my message. Had it been a stand-alone comment, I would not have taken it as a response to my message.

          • KansasGirl

            Your point sounds like it’s the leftist celebritires (including the entire entertainment industry) that have used the “political filter” to blacklist conservatives in the industry.
            PS Senator Joseph R. McCarthy was right about communism in Hollywood.

          • SnarkMaster

            No, it doesn’t. Also, there are very few advocates of real-deal communism in America. VERY FEW. You come to your conclusion through an intentional blurring of important lines.

          • KansasGirl


      • KansasGirl

        Now we’re liars?
        I can’t wait to read your next perverted post.

        • SnarkMaster

          Go back to protesting the unjust extension of poor lives through provision of health care.

          • KansasGirl


  • jo_ella

    I guess Josh Groban is working on being as irrelevant as the Dixie Chicks…

  • cgraham77

    Josh Groban…isn’t he, like, 12 or something? Or is he now able to grow facial hair.

    He seems like the type that laughs at his own jokes.

  • rwm043

    @joshgroban – Do yourself a favor, Skippy: shut up and sing.

  • Rick

    Why do entertainers insist on pissing off half the people who used to like them. Goodbye Josh.

  • notenoughtime

    We must thank Groban for making it easier to walk past his product and not plunk down hard earned dollars. Marketing and PR mistakes to bash half of your paying audience. Twitter has brought out the true identify of celebs who cannot stay away from it because someone, somewhere needs to follow them!

    • conservativemomma

      I agree…I might be a middle aged nobody but I have 250 conservative friends on FB who like to hear what I have to share.

  • khackett

    Wow, isn’t there more important things to focus on Michelle Malkin? Is this kind of political commentary (or whatever it’s called) considered relevant? Sorry but you’re not coming off looking too good here.

    • Jillane Kent

      Considering this is posted under the “Entertainment” and “CPAC” section, what did you honestly expect to find? A discussion of the euro crisis? A thought provoking article regarding the burgeoning cry for Western style lifestyles amongst the youth in Iraq?

      • khackett

        haha you funny Jillane. Malkin treats it like it’s waaay serious though if you hadn’t noticed. In fact there is a second “post” about it here on Twitchy that is TWENTY pages long. Twenty frickin pages. Maybe this is what twitchy is all about, but it just seems an asinine waste of time to me.

        • Jillane Kent

          How would the sheer amount of comments be a reflection on Malkin and your perception that she is preoccupied with Groban?

          • khackett

            Not sure I understand your question. I guess it fair to assume Twitchy employees are to credit for two entire “articles” (what turned out I’m estimating 40 pages of twitchy “commentary”) about 4-5 Josh Grobin tweets. Would I label that as preoccupation by Malkin? No, but she gets to own it, and how does that help conservatives? Maybe I’m wrong and her mission is to look preoccupied with celebrity opinion vs be a voice for conservatism. She’s certainly entitled to a mistake, but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in days.

    • RedSoloCup

      Yet, you are here.

      • khackett

        I don’t understand your point. Respected conservative analyst freaks out on Josh Grobin. It’s like a train wreck and hard to look away. Just trying to understand the outrage, and so far it’s not clicking. Maybe this is just what it’s like to be immersed in this media jungle. If so, I feel sorry for Malkin and everybody who approves of her style of media coverage. It’s not going to make a difference, it’s only going to sour people on conservative ideals, period.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “WHY go out of your way to diss conservative fan base?”
    He didn’t think he had one? May not have one after this. #oopsie

  • jovan1984

    Give me your Josh Groban music. I will receive it for no cost you ungrateful cons.

    • Randi Starr

      If I want it I can pirate it for free….get over yourself.

    • Jillane Kent

      Whoever said that liberals always wanted something for nothing….

    • APW

      You know what, Jovan? Maybe it just feels like the people who we helped to become stars think it’s okay to mock us. It’s not okay. It hurts.

    • Joseph A White

      “Ungrateful”??? We should be grateful to Josh Groban??? ((SPIT))

    • RedSoloCup

      Isn’t he an “evil” 1%er?

  • Kathy Skaggs

    Josh you read too much of your own liberal press. Just goes to show you how drifty they are.


    What a thin skinned pack of losers.

    • Jillane Kent

      Lacking a substantive and cogent response, are we?

    • Joseph A White

      You are here, right, Scooter??

    • RedSoloCup

      Sounds like you described the DNC 100%.

  • SkywalkerNoScream

    Malkin attacks Groban and yet her website is advertising an album that he contributed to. #irony

    • Jillane Kent

      Google ads, based upon algorithms and not sold by the website, are ironic?

      • v1cious

        She approves what ads go on her site, so yes.

        • Jillane Kent

          Google Ads are not approved by the site itself. They are based upon trending topics discussed therein. See Google AdSense should you actually care to learn how these ads are generated.

  • Garth Haycock

    No, Josh. CPAC means “Josh Groban is a douchbag.”

  • Kayjay

    Way to engage in intelligent discourse. I’ve never seen such a loser site.

    • Jillane Kent

      Project much? Point out your cogent, well reasoned contribution to the dialogue please. This is a discussion centered around a tweet made by a fairly obscure entertainer. It is not a discussion about entitlement reform or a lackadaisical monetary policy. Therein, lies the substantive difference.

    • Joseph A White

      Well then, you are quite free to just leave, aren’t you??

    • Grace656

      Yet here you are.

    • RedSoloCup

      Bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • sodakhic

    Cher, Barbra, Dixie Chicks, now Groban. Anyone else want to come out of the closet.

  • Judy B

    Bye, bye Mr. Groban…you just lost this fan.

  • CrashFroelich

    Does this guy have a GED or what?

    • Jillane Kent

      Wikipedia states that he went to college for four months. Interpret that as you will. I contend that even those without a high school diploma would act in their best self interest and avoid alienating a potential consumer.

      • CrashFroelich

        Self-destructive behavior, in the economic sense, is a poser. Perhaps he was trying to impress some of his Kool-Aid drinking buddies. Sad.

  • Byron Douglas Kendrick

    You have the right to free speech thanks to the conservative founding fathers and I have the right not to buy your music. No more Josh Groban sales from me. I urge all conservatives to quit buying Josh Groban music.

  • liz hasse

    And this man sings about being raised up by the same God worshipped by those very same “comedians”, (uh, I mean conservatives)! I guess that puts you among all those pathetic Hollywood hypocrites! Why did you bother watching CPAC? Please don’t insult our intelligence anymore.

  • Justin Mars

    That joke is as lame as his cornball music.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Another “follower” of the Hollywood Herd, they just parrot what they hear other Herdies saying. They don’t really have a clue what they’re talking about, but it sounds cool, right?

  • Teresa Boone

    Guess you got a snicker and a back pat for that witty comment from your liberal friends eh Josh. You have officially joined the hallowed ranks. Guess you forgot half your fans were conservative. My CD just met the dumpster. Hope you go the way of the Dixie Chicks.

  • Psalmist1972

    I’m waiting for him to lip sync his name.

  • Guest

    I will just stick with the uber talents of Buble and CullumI

  • Eric Hutchison

    Another moron entertainer who speaks before they think. My mother, a Josh Groban fan, will hear about this from me tomorrow and I’m positive that she will stop buying and listening to his music.

  • towerclimber37

    I guess I’m just not a funny guy. I don’t know Josh groban

  • vino veritas

    Humor is generally relative/subjective, but whenever crappy entertainment artist snobs try to be comedians while mixing politics into their routine then they had better be able to take the inevitable backlash which results for their politics as well as from the enlightening probability that they really are just not as funny as they tend to think they are. It is hilarious to watch all his little psycho fans freak out about their god receiving a little criticism from a petite conservative woman, no less, on Twitter. Apparently, anyone responding to his tweets with anything short of praise and adulation is (according to the whiny musician) “starting a war”. This is the liberal concept of harmony. No one is allowed to break that feel good bubble, regardless of whether you’re living in the bubble with them or you’re out here in reality with the rest of us.
    Anyone find it strange that a guy who looks like Norman Bates having a bad hair day can garner so much rabid loyalty over a lame joke?

  • Renny

    Now he’s using the ‘it was only a joke’ routine. Has he done liberal jokes?

  • strongtxwoman

    Will save myself some dollars next time I’m shopping for some tunes. See ya!

  • busaong

    To Josh Groban, i really thought, you were better than that, but I guess I was wrong. You disappoint me. I am a conservative and i took offense with what you said.

  • sara elizabeth

    Well… I actually thought it was kind of funny. I also think you’re all overreacting just a tiny little bit.

    • Joseph A White

      Most conservatives that I know are getting pretty weary of being the but of jokes and the subject of all of the vile, hateful rhetoric coming out of the “entertainment” industry. It would be one thing if they “shared” the humor and/or contempt, but they do not. So I do not believe we are over reacting at all. Why in God’s name should we support those who hold us in such little regard as these Godless buffoons?

      • sara elizabeth

        I would hardly call this “vile, hateful rhetoric.” He is entitled to his opinion- and to voice it- as are you. In no way, however, was this vile, hateful, or offensive (except perhaps to those trying to be funny at CPAC) unlike many of the things that conservatives have said about gay rights, women’s right to choose, and many other “hot button” topics. Pot? Meet kettle.

    • seek456

      You invented yourself just to put your two cents in on this? Who are you, Groban or Groban’s sister?

      Don’t tell other people how they should feel, then in your second post show exactly how you feel about made up left wing crap.

      • sara elizabeth

        Everyone has to have a first post, and this happened to be mine. Also, I was voicing my opinion. You’re more than entitled to your own.

  • wombat247

    Sorry but who is Josh Groban?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I liked him better when he was Michael Bolton

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      ZING!! POW!! BLAM!! XD Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Robert Novak

    Who is this guy again? Never heard of him until he said something that made the news

  • tsluf273

    And Rob Delaney finally has some competition in the Most Unfunny Man Alive contest.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Josh Groban, just another liberal with a big mouth…not my type of music and I hope your fan base thins out immensely now..
    liberals need to learn to keep their mouths shut or suffer the consequences

  • Tom Chipp

    Can you say Linda Ronstadt?

  • lillymckim

    Its freedom of speech and they know they will disenfranchise 50% of the population yet
    they are in the business to make money by selling their music so why do they insult the people who buy it?
    I always ask why?

  • BadGirloftheNorth

    Josh Groban on my iPod, iPad, iTunes, iPhone iEverything – – iBuh-Bye!

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    So, Josh…you really want to be on the “popular” team, don’t you? Well, best of luck.

  • Elizabeth Lipp

    Just a C list “entertainer” looking for publicity from liberals who prolly don’t buy his music. His fan base is, or should I say WAS, conservative. Not nice, Groban.

  • Gallatin

    Who is josh groban?

  • Matt Vaughn

    How unfortunate. Another person to add to my list of celebrity morons.

  • Grace656

    Another celebrity box ticked – no more groban music for me.

  • Genoasage

    I am tossing my two Josh Groban CDs. Tough to find out he is an ignorant, naive putz. There are other singers out there.

  • Love4life

    Josh Groban, I adore your work as a talented singer and musician, I really don’t want to boycott you…but I will. I liked the Dixie Chicks and Sean Penn once to.

  • BoltUp

    Meh, his singing puts me to sleep…

  • @chris_1791

    Most of his $30 million dollar fortune came from conservatives. Like most liberal ‘artist’ (I use that term loosely) bite the hand that makes them a 1%’er. Conservative should boycott him and stop giving him their hard earned money.

  • LightSabre

    And who is Josh Groban again? A singer?

  • James Neal

    Since you are into acronyms and their meaning, here’s one for you Josh.

    O.F.A. stands for Obama’s Failing Agenda…

  • Kayjay

    Can you say losers with no sense of humor?

    • Jillane Kent

      If one is capable of reproducing sounds, certainly. I’ve answered your question. Can you return the favor and enlighten me as to how his comment is particularly humorous?

  • troyriser

    I have no idea who Josh Groban is. It’s times like this, when I realize I’m hopelessly out of touch with contemporary pop culture, that I get the irresistible urge to step out onto my porch, wave my fist in the air, and tell those durn kids to get off my lawn.

  • Judith Carol Bean

    @JoshGroban Gosh, Josh! Why in the universe would you risk pi$$ing off your fans for the sake of bashing unfunny politics, Demoncraps or Repubnicans, asks fan of 18 years?

  • Nancy Trowbridge

    A beautiful man with a beautiful voice who can do much better than this.

  • thoughtsfromflorida

    Well there isn’t anything much funnier than watching Sarah Palin attempting to sound like she has a clue.

  • Marla English-pickett

    Poor young ignorant Josh. Just a child trying to be part of of the crowd.