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Writer at pallor-filled The New Republic mocks GOP women, whines about 'so many white guys' at CPAC 2013; Update: Ace slams

So. Much. Hypocrisy.

That was Julia Ioffe, a staff writer at The New Republic. She also tweeted out some other oh-so-insightful (and totally non-biased, wink wink!) thoughts from CPAC 2013.


You know, because conservatives are all raaaaaaaaaaaacist and stuff. Others, of course, followed her foul lead.

The most offensive thing at this point? How lame and tired it all is. The lack of self-awareness is also utterly astounding. Ms. Ioffe, let us introduce you to Ace of Spades. He destroyed your outlet’s pitiful “OMG we see white people” cover earlier this year. “Party of White People”? One need look no further than the progressives of pallor at The New Republic.


Ah, memories. You’re welcome, Ms. Ioffe. Ms. Ioffe is apparently a super feminist, too. You can tell by the way she mocks conservative women.

Sisterhood! Her idiocy is matched only by the always absurd Ana Marie Cox.

Funny you should mention SXSW, Ms. Cox.

Bingo! And prescient.

The media will never report on that, though. Nor will they report on this.

Update: Oh, yes. Ace of Spades is introducing himself to confused Ms. Ioffe.




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