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Michael Ian Black's NRA rabies analogy falls flat; The noted expert also claims 'gun violence is a disease'; Update: Black really wants you to bask in glow of all his tweets

The comedian and actor is at it again. As Twitchy reported, he recently took to Twitter to give a sanctimonious tweet-lecture on guns, while oh-so-civilly accusing those with whom he disagrees of “Founding Father fetishization.”  He didn’t care for Twitchy’s accurate and verbatim quoting of his tweets in that instance. In fact, he followed through on his claim that he would change his Twitter bio to include “celebri-ghoul.”



Heh. Flattering!

Alas, he further exposed his own absurdity today.


Undeterred, Michael Ian Black continued to ensure that confirmation of his foolishness was achieved. What a giver!

We are sure he totally loved David Gregory’s ridiculously biased interview with Mr. LaPierre this morning. He did, of course, retweet this from Piers “Musket” Morgan. He’s quite the Morgan fan, evidently.

Some gun concern trolls in the media prostrate themselves to Black.

Black next went on to claim that gun violence is a disease. No, really.

And pesky amendments that are old and stuff are of no interest to him.

Non-sycophants who are free thinkers explain reality to the wilfully ignorant.



Absurdity? Look in the mirror, toots. On the plus side, he isn’t hurling as many insults around today. But the Better Than You ™ sanctimony? It scorches.


Update: Despite the fact that Mr. Black’s entire feed, with replies, was linked in “it scorches” above, he really wants you to read all his tweets. Individually and one by one. Ah, special snowflakes!

No, really.

Sigh. Pats on the head, indeed.

See, Mr. Black was thanked for a civilized discussion at one point (after snide remarks and the like). We suppose that is what he means by pulling a quote: Featuring a tweet.

Special snowflakes must be praised for deigning to have a “dialogue” with the masses, especially those bitter clingers. So, he called you fetishists … whatever! The act of  discussing, no matter how, must be praised. He really, really wants you to understand that. If you can even read and all.


That’s okay to do; Unlike after one is called a fetishist or anything. Suck that up; he’s having a dialogue!

As requested, here are all the tweets. We are givers here at Twitchy, and will do the work for Mr. Black and aggregate all his tweets for him. Saving everyone the trouble of, you know, clicking on a link and reading his public timeline themselves. That’s not good enough. For future reference, there is something called Storify; Twitchy curates tweets, we don’t exhaustively aggregate every single one.


Civilized discourse! Shh, don’t look at anything else. It’s the deigning of the dialogue that matters.

Chatter with Piers about that.

Or exhaustively aggregate it!


Then he retweeted this:

Funny, but that was in response to a snide slam from Mr. Black. But, he listens and stuff.

The awesome actor Adam Baldwin then joins in … and the tweets continue. And continue.



For anyone still awake and as interested in Michael Ian Black’s tweets as Mr. Black himself seems to be, you can read the latest 21 hours worth of tweets at his public timeline. 


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