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Self-parody press: Violent Mich. protest reported as 'mostly peaceful'

Oh, my. Media self-beclowning continues and, once again, Twitter was prescient. As Twitchy reported, lapdogs in the media ignored union thuggery and violence in Mich. They are far too busy inventing Tea Party violence! Twitter users just knew that the Michigan union thugs would be described as ‘mostly peaceful.’


Spooky … because, here we have it! You can’t make this up.


That’s right. The protests, full of violence and thuggery, were actually described as “mostly peaceful.” More from Jammie Wearing Fool:

We’ve been using that “mostly peaceful” gag for some time now, usually stemming from the violent Occupy rallies in 2011. Of course any time leftists agitators erupt into violence,–which is pretty much any time they get together–invariably there’s always some lamestream media outlet that calls the violence mostly peaceful.

There was a heavy police presence, but the protests were mostly peaceful. There were a few isolated incidents of clashes between protesters and police.

Dana Loesch, who interviewed Steven Crowder, a victim of a violent union goon attack, gives this alleged media outlet the business.


Amen, sister!

Sane Twitter users who refuse to accept “mostly peaceful” as NewSpeak for “outrageous violent thuggery perpetrated by fellow travelers, thus must be covered-up,” don’t hold back. Truth to power, baby.




It means that the Fourth Estate is dead. Journalism, shmournalism.

They have agendas and false narratives to push!

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