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'Reporter' Kelly O'Donnell: Squee! Obama sat next to a GOP girl governor at meeting; secret message?

Oh, honey. Bless your precious heart.

President Obama had a fiscal cliff meeting with governors today.



And NBC reporter, Kelly “Precious Heart” O’Donnell noticed one thing: President Obama totally sat next to a girl! OMG, he almost touched her shoulder, too! He must heart women or something. What meaning was behind this, she wonders? As do some of her fans.


It’s a hidden message of trust in women! Except for, you know, when he believes they are helpless and hapless Julias who must be tethered to the government.

Don’t be silly! A woman doesn’t warrant a thing on her own merits!

Leave it to a lapdog, especially a female one, to only see lady parts and instantly assume some hidden message because a governor happens to be a woman.

You’ve come a long way, baby!

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