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Royal congrats to Duke, Duchess of Cambridge: Kate Middleton, Prince William expecting first child; Update: Kate suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum

The palace announced today that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby.


Twitter users were, once again, prescient and called the pregnancy before it was announced.

Scientific evidence! Rumors swirled for days among media outlets.



The wait is over.


And the squeeing begins!


The official announcement:

Just one question, in the spirit of Twitter: Will they name the baby “hashtag?”

This Twitter user thinks it is cause for a holiday.

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Wishing you all the best.


Update: The Guardian is live-blogging the big event.

For months? Stay tuned!

Of course, #Kate, Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate and other variations are now trending in and out.

The palace could no longer keep it secret, because the duchess is suffering from a severe form of morning sickness.


Heh. It’s not just morning sickness, though. It can be very serious.


Joan Walsh backtracks on her mocking of Middleton’s hyperemesis gravidarium. She had retweeted this:


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