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Bill Maher adding vile bigotry to his misogyny says Romney is in a 'cult'; Update: Reaction, others joining us to ask Obama campaign about SuperPAC donation

The disgusting gutter-sludge Obama supporter and “million dollar man” donor, Bill Maher, doubled down on the reprehensible. This morning, he reiterated the contemptible “cult” comments regarding Mitt Romney and his Mormon religion that he made this weekend.


He must have found himself oh-so-hilarious, as he felt the need to tweet the same revolting comment out today. Comedy doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. This is outright bigotry and it is vile. But, hey, what else can be expected from an alleged man whose entire being seems to be made up of only vile molecules?!/5wheely/status/204625430630768643

Oh, it has started already. Bill Maher is just one of the most disgusting examples; the many people who retweeted his disgusting tweet are more examples.

Will President Obama return Bill Maher’s dirty money now or will he stand by not only his misogyny, but now his outright bigotry? Keeping his money makes him complicit, as it signifies that he condones bigotry and misogyny.

The media, of course, will not call him on it. They are too busy trying to foment bigotry against Mormons themselves.


UPDATE: Reaction rolls in and media outlets are following Twitchy’s lead to ask if Obama will now return his dirty Maher money.!/KatMcKinley/status/204632897553047554!/guypbenson/status/204633107662508033!/mentionmachine/status/204660612444336128!/davewelch21/status/204660622187700224!/streiffredstate/status/204659385316810752

Evidently, Team Obama condones Maher’s remark.!/PaulBegala/status/204662185677430785

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