Obama SuperPAC donor Bill Maher savages Ann Romney; conservatives on Twitter lash back

Conservative woman-bashing “comedian” and Obama SuperPAC donor Bill Maher doubled down on frequent White House visitor/Democratic operative Hilary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney last night.

Will Barack and Michelle Obama rush to disassociate themselves from Maher the way they and other Democratic leaders did after Rosen’s remarks? Or will they keep Maher’s money and let the slander stand?

HBO’s Bill Maher weighs in on the Hilary Rosen controversy, dismissing it as a “non-consequential,” meaningless controversy. Maher also says Ann Romney “has never gotten her ass out of the house to work.”

“But what she meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work. No one is denying that being a mother is a tough job, I remember that I was a handful. Okay, but there is a big difference in being a mother, and that tough job, and getting your ass out of the door at 7am when it’s cold, having to deal with the boss, being in a workplace, and even if you’re unhappy you can’t show it for 8 hours, that is a different kind of tough thing,” Maher observed last night.

The disgusted response to Maher on Twitter was rapid, real, and righteous:



Question: So how long exactly will the Obamas keep Bill Maher’s tainted money? Actions speak louder than words.

Side question: Oh, dear. Where will Bill Maher defender Ann Coulter — who has mocked conservative women for expressing outrage with Maher’s serial misogyny, stand now that her Hollywood friend is attacking her candidate’s wife?


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  • WonBall

    Maher’s outrageous comments merely confirm the depth of his own vile character.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GZTFVYCMKRN736PFRGJO6QIG2M Kent and Helen J

    Ann Romney has been on the campaign trail with Mitt for HOW LONG? She has spoken with hundreds of women (middle class american women) and she reports that THEY are mostly concerned with the economy and how liberal spending is going to fall on the backs of their children. But you liberals refuse to address this truth. She is 100% capable of reporting on what she has heard. All the other crap about her being priviledged, or not working a real job, is a distraction. She is a capable woman, reporting what women in ‘the market place’ are telling her.

    Liberals. STOP SPENDING YOUR GRAND KIDS MONEY!  Time to end entitlements forever. Let non-profits and good hearted people take care of the poor. BECOME those good hearted people, encourage others to GIVE of themselves, but stop using the Federal government for charity. It costs 75cents on the dollar for Uncle Sam to conduct Charity. Is THAT how you want it done.

    Liberals are the true haters of the poor. The haters of freedom. Haters of Math. Do the math and you will weep over what you see your kids and grandkids will be stuck with. 

    • tdpwells

      Being privileged also comes with its own set of problems to contend with.  Just because they have more money than most doesn’t mean they live a problem-free life, and kids are kids regardless of what is in your bank account.  I’ve known average/low income families who had a much easier time raising kids than their rich counterparts whose kids think they can get by with murder because daddy’s got money.

  • traffic_robot

    When will liberals realize that throwing a woman under the bus when they are attempting to stand up for womens economic rights ( whatever the hell that is) makes them even bigger tools?

  • aqua1957

    In the 70’s during his stand up gigs  he claimed to be irish in 90’s he was jewish- whatever was in style- phoney!

  • GOPworkingmoms

    Whole obama bunch are thugs.  All 3 hilary rosen’s included.

  • NixTyranny

    So, missing the chance after Hilary Rosen’s remark, King Barack now has a second chance to make a Fluke’n phone call to Ann Romney to see if she is OK after these attacks. It would be the “fair thing to do” since he still has two daughters, eh?

  • cscape

    Keep it up (is what i say)….. What began as a “up till now successful attempt by the LEFT to energize their base”, has now turned into an equally effective campaign (by them) which is energizing OUR BASE…… LOL – keep it up!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jimlewis jimlewis

    @dnc & @barrackobama to @billmayer Keep writing those checks and say whatever you like.  We’ll cover for ya!

  • Bill Bradbrooke

    Yo, Twitchy, don’t you mean “conservative-woman bashing” not “conservative woman-bashing”? I have never thought of Bill Maher as conservative. Whatever he is, Bill Maher doesn’t mince words, which illustrates that celebrity brings neither political insight nor good judgment. [On second thought, Twitchy, you may be right. Maher may be a conservative. A heads-up liberal would never volunteer such a provocative comment. Now it’s Romney’s to lose.]   

  • Mackie72

    This is all much to do about nothing.
    Because Maher saw all the media attention Hilary Rosen got, so he decided – as always – to say something nasty to pimp his shitty HBO “talk show.” It’s all about ratings for Big Nose Billy-Boy.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/555HP3NPFJ2E7MRU4CZUN7GSEU James H

    Bill Maher is in his 50’s and no kids – that’s the whole story right there.

  • gbender51

      I guess because he’s on TV. What dribbles out of him is newsworthy. With out social media I would never hear a word from him. not worth the time to watch or listen.

  • Conrad2010

    Maher must be brain dead indeed.
    Most other people of his ilk at least try to improve their image.
    Not so w/ old brain dead Bill. Oh so sad… :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000408556274 Rob Glassey

    He knows he’s ignorant, saying ignorant things is how he continues to have an audience, however small it is. I guess HBO isn’t what it used to be! so sad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002466922518 Michael Bauer

    There are lots of women who never get their ass out of the house to work, and they’re called Welfare Recipients, who in turn are the base of the Democrat party.  It’s 11o’clock… time to get up!

  • teamfrazzled

    They must recognize the real trouble Obama is in -the contrived manufactured and completely hypocritical crap from the left just keeps on coming like the vomit it truly is.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    Added one more to my he can “kiss my ass” list

  • backtoschool4me

    Its easier to leave the house in the cold and deal with an adult boss you can abandon after 8 hours than it is dealing with a mouthy eleven year old that you can’t ever get rid of, who thinks they are your boss, and there are no sick days or vacations from being a parent. Bill Mahr is a tool.

  • http://oppenheimpozniakoff.blogspot.com/ Rita O Pozniakoff

    How many people wait on Bill Maher ‘hand and foot’? Hey, ‘pottymouth’ Billypoo don’t dis my sis for being a breast cancer survivor and having MS. SHAME ON YOU!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5EP2WEHGK3A2IYGBAWGGO2IAXU jb7511

    WHY do people respond to idiots like maher?
    It plays right into his hand.
    He’s a loon.

  • Deb Scott

    Maher’s mother must have been really terrible  to make him hate women as much as he does

  • marine37

    What the hell would maher know about family, anyway?  Just another unfunny court jester from Hollywood.  

  • http://twitter.com/mam646 mam646

    I’m just hoping the GOP doesn’t shoot itself in the foot again.  Stop letting the msm and dnc own the narrative.  Mean what you say and say what you mean. Onward!

  • Bryan Beech

    I don’t feel this way about very many people, but if news of Bill Maher’s death broke today, I’d feel like the world would be a better place!!  This “man” is garbage.  There needs to be a mass exodus from HBO accompanied by phone calls explaining why!!

  • BwBarrnone

    King Obama let his Jesters out again.  

  • http://twitter.com/DunganLarry Larry James Dungan

    Obama, pull your pants up, Your ASS-Hole ( Bill Maher) is showing!

  • $7421226

    and in an interview obama’s sow michelle said ”when she had to stay home with HER kids it made her ILL. ”

  • $7421226

    disgusting fact from a 2007 interview with “mother of 2″ michelle obama:

    ”Then, too, there is that little-discussed fact that staying home with children can be—how else to put it?—less than intellectually stimulating.

     “The days I stay home with my kids without going out, I start to get ill,” she says.   “My head starts to ache.”

    When she mentioned it to her mother, Marian Robinson told her daughter she didn’t think Michelle could handle the boredom of staying home with kids.     Obama was surprised to hear that taking care of her had been boring, but now she embraces the idea of discussing it openly.”

  • Stephanie Marie Cameron

    i just want to thank you for NOT posting a pic of that….guy. i just had breakfast and got to keep it down.

  • Linda Weaver Kiser ONeall

    And Bill Maher has a real job? Who wouldn’t love to make up lies, degrade every person he personally doesn’t shill for, constantly promote his radical views, get to do and say exactly and everything he wants with no consequences, and think he is comedian of the century to boot? That is a real job, Mr. Maher? Sounds like a lazy, do-nothing blowhard with no morals or ethics to me.  

  • http://twitter.com/marrow0321 mary

    Maher can obviously speak to the issue being a stay-at-home mother of 5!  He doesn’t know the responsibilities of a parent or even a spouse as he has never been married.  What a moron….

  • http://www.addvalue.com.au/ Danielle Russell

    Is Romney’s wealth and Obama’s upbringing really what’s at the heart of the issue here? How about focusing on the economy, that nut in Iran and N. Korea, immigration, and getting this country back on track. There hasn’t been a president in my life that didn’t have cash, and needed the presidential salary. Every congressman makes many times the national average. Let’s drop the talk about wealth.

  • Bryan Beech

    ….and ENVY!!  ….. and DOUBLE STANDARDS!!