Obama SuperPAC donor Bill Maher savages Ann Romney; conservatives on Twitter lash back

Conservative woman-bashing “comedian” and Obama SuperPAC donor Bill Maher doubled down on frequent White House visitor/Democratic operative Hilary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney last night.

Will Barack and Michelle Obama rush to disassociate themselves from Maher the way they and other Democratic leaders did after Rosen’s remarks? Or will they keep Maher’s money and let the slander stand?

HBO’s Bill Maher weighs in on the Hilary Rosen controversy, dismissing it as a “non-consequential,” meaningless controversy. Maher also says Ann Romney “has never gotten her ass out of the house to work.”

“But what she meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work. No one is denying that being a mother is a tough job, I remember that I was a handful. Okay, but there is a big difference in being a mother, and that tough job, and getting your ass out of the door at 7am when it’s cold, having to deal with the boss, being in a workplace, and even if you’re unhappy you can’t show it for 8 hours, that is a different kind of tough thing,” Maher observed last night.

The disgusted response to Maher on Twitter was rapid, real, and righteous:



Question: So how long exactly will the Obamas keep Bill Maher’s tainted money? Actions speak louder than words.

Side question: Oh, dear. Where will Bill Maher defender Ann Coulter — who has mocked conservative women for expressing outrage with Maher’s serial misogyny, stand now that her Hollywood friend is attacking her candidate’s wife?


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