And the gloat-tastic mockery continues! Twitter users have been buzzing over flashback tweets from former Obama campaign manager and Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina (the oh-so-creepy Jim Messina) and David Plouffe. First up? Messina:

Where to even start? Notice the “she” pronoun for God? He’s just so evolved and stuff, guys.

Dying! Also, the ONE time (probably) he prays, he totally prays for the absolutely wrong thing. Maybe that’s what happens when a leftist agenda is your deity. How’d that Hillary vs. Trump deal work out for you? THAT is how out of touch you are, sir.

Twitter users couldn’t stop laughing and the mockery was delicious.


It really never gets old. And some advice for Jim Messina:

But wait … there was more! Enter another former Obama campaign manager and political strategist (he might want to make a career change there) David Plouffe:

Stop it! Our aching sides seriously can’t take anymore. Here’s a photo for you, Mr. Plouffe:

Gigglng madly. OK, Twitter. Mock. Mock like the wind!


Good point! But no need for “or.” Embrace the power of “and”; Both are hilarious.

And a parody account brings it all home:

Heck of a job, Plouffe-y!

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