Indeed it is. Our sides are aching!

As Twitchy reported earlier, the Democrats began a creepy cultish #ForAll campaign. They asked people to send in photos of themselves, with things written on their hands, in support of Obama. It’s funny how when Sarah Palin wrote a note on her hand, it was the Stupidest Thing In The World ™. But creepy cultism? Totally okay!

OFA campaign manager Jim Messina took the creepy cake.

His photo was so disturbing that Twitter users could not help but turn the creep into hilarity.

Ask, and ye shall receive!

@jtLOL Took liberties on your request. (No open door, no spee... on Twitpic

Blogger Ace of Spades continued the hilarious mockery with words.

Messina is a bad, bad man.

Request granted!

And a meme is born.

More please, Twitter! Giggle-snorting is our cardio and we are getting quite the workout today!

  • bkeyser
    • Cyborg0012

      Fun… you must tweet it.

    • grais


      that’s not funny

    • Junie3

      Make one that says $3.00 Date/Me

    • Buckshot LeFonque


    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      You forgot the ‘maybe’ on the end, somewhere.

  • Josephine (D)

    LOL, where’s the damn brain bleach when you need it?! xD

  • Art_Fold

    All that’s missing is a windowless van, balloon animals and a crawl space beneath his mother’s house.

  • Art_Fold

    All that’s missing is a windowless van, balloon animals and a crawl space beneath his mother’s house.

  • Conservative First

    Did Messina call it ObamaCare? racist…

  • Conservative First

    Did Messina call it ObamaCare? racist…

  • Junie3

    I think Messina is one of those older white men that Obama really, really likes.

  • John Fowler

    There are times I think @AceofSpadesHQ is the funniest writer on the internet. Always worth a read.

  • disappearing moderate

    Too much time on my hands. I couldn’t resist

    • shimauma

      fade that obama poster a bit more and you are on target

    • Buckshot LeFonque

      Caption: “Debbie, I want to lay in the bathtub whilst you spew creamed corn all over me!”

  • WingedBishop

    I cropped him into the Sloth scene from Se7en.


    Living in his Parents basement looking at Faded Pics. of Obama

  • Mack Arlington

    Seriously, Jim, you need to go outside once in a while, and iron your shirt.

  • stillinthe60s

    Didn’t he have the starring role in the movie Powder? Appears he’s wearing a wig now.

  • stillinthe60s

    Norman Bates?

    • Buckshot LeFonque

      Yes, it’s Master Bates! BURRRRRR….Insane Clown Posse!

  • John Hanover

    Wonder how big a freezer he’s got? Dueling banjo’s anyone? You got a real pretty mouth Messina.

  • Buckshot LeFonque

    Damn, Maude get the children in the panic room while I dial 911.


    In this case it’s not “Silence of the Lambs” it should be “Silence of the LIMBS”!

  • Joseph McCoy

    As funny as the Silence of the Lambs reference was, it was an insult to Ted Levine. (Capt Stottlemeyer on Monk)

  • Jd Crow

    Mr Messina, please let Joe Dirt out of the hole!!

  • EastValleyConservative

    Wait, I can’t keep up. Isn’t calling it “Obama Care” racist? HA!

  • ErinFoglietta

    Remember when they called Palin an idiot for writing on her hand? LOL

  • TJ Thompson

    My own “For All” photo —

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Look like what would happen if Howdy Doody and the wikileaks guy had a baby and it grew up to be a creepy cult member.