Please, remind us who embraces diversity again? Because clearly, as anyone with a speck of intellectual honesty knows, it is NOT liberals and their tolerance brigade. Just take a look at what actor Adam Baldwin spotted and retweeted:


Here’s the original tweet:

And here is what it refers to:

Disgusting. And sadly not surprising. That is standard operating procedure for the bullying tolerance brigade. One must walk in lockstep, you see. All “you people” should think alike and all. Who are the bigots again? That kind of thinking is absolutely repugnant.

Remember what they did to former Romney aide Richard Grenell? Here’s a reminder:

Gay ex-Romney aide Grenell breaks silence; ‘most hateful’ comments from left

Liberal tolerance: BuzzFeed reporter hurls anti-gay remark at former Romney adviser Richard Grenell; Update: BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith laughs it off, spins; Update: GOProud, Grenell respond

“Liberal tolerance,” indeed. THOSE are Democrats. Remember that, always. Here it is in an exit nutshell for you: