A liberal tolerance bully is at it again; spewing intolerance and anti-gay bigotry. This time, it’s an alleged unbiased reporter for BuzzFeed hurling gay-bashing remarks at former Mitt Romney adviser Richard Grenell.

And covering for Obama, of course. We wonder what DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse would say about Mr. Hastings’ shameful gay-bashing? Remember, Mr. Woodhouse had a panic-mode meltdown over Richard Grenell’s resignation. Back then, the DNC got their talking points from Cher and used Mr. Grenell to demonize Mitt Romney. Par for the course; they only care about gay people inasmuch as they can use them for their own ends.

Twitter users who have moral compasses swiftly called out Mr. Hastings for his disgusting remark.


And Mr. Grenell himself said it best:

Sadly, Richard Grenell is used to such hate from the Left. When he broke his silence after resigning from the Romney campaign, he said that the most hateful remarks came from the Left.

And that is still the case. This time, from a “real journalist” at BuzzFeed. Of course, that isn’t too surprising since the media and the Left are concentric circles on a Venn diagram.

Where are the liberal gay police? Likely too busy also trying to punitively shame gay Americans who have the audacity to stray from the lefty plantation. You know, like another journalist at The Village Voice did recently. Toe the line, gays, and know your place! Otherwise, face hate and attempted marginalization as punishment.

Got H8? The Left, including the media, do.

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Update: BuzzFeed’s Editor-in-chief has no problem with the contemptible remark made by Mr. Hastings.

Oh, yes. Because gay-bashing is just so hilarious. What’s a little “trolling?”



Huh. What say you, Ben Smith?

Update: This is what he grossly says.

Oh, well. He doesn’t see that as an anti-gay remark, even though the gay man at whom it was aimed (and everyone else with a moral compass) did. Plus, the old “some of his best friends” line.

Case. Closed.

Twitter users give him the business, and rightly so.



Oh, really? Come. On. Try holding yourselves to the tolerance bully standards to which you hypocritically hold others. Also, try not being, you know, anti-gay bigots.

Twitterer Ezra Dulis hits the nail on the head:



And Richard Grenell responded further via a statement to Breitbart.com.

  • The Monster

    Just remember, if you’re a member of $IDENTITY_GROUP and you don’t agree with your Leftist masters, then that makes you “inauthentic”, “self-hating”, or “not REALLY a $IDENTITY_GROUP”, so attacking you isn’t anti-$IDENTITY_GROUP at all.

    So Michelle Malkin is a “coconut” and/or “banana” and any other name they can think of, Clarence Thomas is an “oreo”, and Grenell and Tammy Bruce aren’t really gay. Isn’t it convenient to be able to declare your enemies Untermenschen?

  • Scott Meyer

    I don’t see how claiming someone is being “insecure with their masculinity” is gay-bashing. Wasn’t Grennel posting some anti-women (granted, in the mind of the left) tweets that he later deleted? Couldn’t this just as easily be about that? I’m pretty sure that both gay and straight men can be insecure with their own masculinity

    • BO_stinks

      but you do agree that it was an intended insult else why would he mention it?

    • NCRelite

      OK so forget for a second that Grennel is gay: doesn’t the masculinity comment sort of sound like it’s coming from the left field?

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    So does that mean President Obama is gay, because he’s not masculine and wears mom jeans and not “big boy pants?”

    Oh, I forgot. He is gay. I read that on the cover of Newsweek.