Bam, indeed. What did Larry the Cable Guy retweet? This cancellation notice from @MyCancellation.

As Twitchy has exhaustively reported, millions of Americans are receiving, and will continue to receive, cancellation notices from their health insurance carriers due to Obamacare. As everyone (except for the bootlickers at the New York Times) now knows, “you can keep your plan” was a blatant lie. Repeated multiple times, pathologically. Period.

Citizens let their voices be heard by tweeting #MyHealthPlanDied to the White House on Monday, in a day of mourning and protest. They also continue to tweet photos of their cancellation notices to @MyCancellation.

But one poor soul continues to spin for the train wreck that is Obamacare:

Oh, honey. Gullible, please meet mirror.

Larry provides some lessons in an epic Teachable Moment ™.

A few. Way more than a million and counting. Some are estimating upward of 16 million Americans will lose the insurance that they like and now cannot keep. A bombshell report also indicated that it will not just be people who buy in the individual market: Obama officials said more than half of employer-sponsored insurance plans will be canceled. To the tune of 93 million. But, whatever. Just a few.

Ding, ding, ding!

Y’all don’t know better. Typical. You silly rubes! You totally didn’t choose that.



Heh. Larry brought it all home with this tweet:

Dead-on. That just says it all.


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