Classy, Roseanne. Classy.

“Justified” co-star Nick Searcy let his awesome loose this morning, when he took on the always foul, and foul-mouthed, Roseanne. What started the epic Twitter spat? Oh, the usual Roseanne jackassery.

Sigh. Roseanne joined the ranks of the twisted Thatcher-haters. Actor Nick Searcy, never a shrinking violet, was having none of it.


Oh, sweetie.

And then Roseanne let the potty mouth fly. Along with some good ol’ Christian-bashing, natch.

And then she pulled her typical courageous move, to which others can also testify.

Brave and classy!

We must learn from the master, Mr. Searcy.

Zing! Searcy explained how that is always the way to go when he was taking on repulsive race-hustlers recently. Ridicule is the best disinfectant.

Speaking of race-hustling and race-baiting, a Twitter troll tries to weigh in. Searcy makes quick work of the pitiful fool.

No, Mr. Searcy: You are perfect.

Banned, Roseanne!

Indeed you are. Never stop kicking, sir.


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