No, Serious You Guys. She did that.

Oh, sweetie. Bless. Just like Karl Rove was totally stalking her. Because he followed her on Twitter.

Ding, ding, ding! “Look at me, look at ME!” Pay attention to her, but only if you are going to tell her that she looks super cute and stuff. Like, totally.

As we have asked before, will her fifteen minutes of fame never end? Not as long as she keeps being a useful idiot for the Left, it won’t. Hence, her new show on Pivot (we know: Where?), “Meet the Jackass.” OK, it’s actually called “Raising McCain,” (no, really) but she described it as “Meet the Press” meets “Jackass.” Sigh.

Of course, she is now whining due to the gasping for breath and aching sides that occurred once the news broke. As usual: Poor little mean girl victim. Remember, she grossly slammed Michelle Malkin and foully called the late Andrew Breitbart a “hateful extremist.” While on Al Sharpton’s show. Because he’s totally loving and stuff. Back then, she immediately started whining about being “bullied,” when people rightly called her on her disgusting form of concern trolling.

The Daily Caller’s “Jim Treacher” summed it up best back then.

Bingo. And she is at it again. Twitter users aren’t letting it slide.



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