Meghan McCain has no sympathy for the worst 'spineless cowards' in the GOP

A few minutes later, she added:

Sure, Meghan. That was totes obvious from the way you started your rant with the word “Republicans.”

  • taternuggets

    Hey, your father is important.  You are not. 

  • weRbroke

    PFFFT, who takes this RINO seriously? 

  • serfbaja

    A real coward is someone who slanders others on the internet. Notice the brave mccain doesn’t name who she is talking about.  Who are these republicans who believe in gay marriage privately but not publically?  If she knows one she should name them.  Otherwise she’s just a cowardly bully using her (way too long) 15 minutes of fame to make herself fell special 

  • LL1885

    When she speaks all I hear is this buzzing noise.