The despicable mourning of tyrant Hugo Chavez by the Left continues. RATM’s Tom Morello doubles-down on the moral bankruptcy by retweeting that RIP Chavez tweet. Why does he, in part, heart Chavez? Because, Bush! Of course.


Morello has long been a pitiful has-been, who desperately seeks approval from other leftist hacks. A few years ago, he tweeted praise for the winner of the Miss Universe contest (after making sure to toe the leftist “ZOMG how sexist!” line first, natch) because she was from Venezuela. Proving socialism is hot or something.

Rage against the machine? Please. One isn’t raging against anything, when one is so clearly desperately trying to appear to be a poor little rich “revolutionary” boy. If you really want to “rage” against something, Mr. Morello, you should be raging against despicable hagiographies of a tyrant. But, hey, maybe Oliver Stone will invite you to perform at his next shindig. So, there’s that? Kudos, rage boy!


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