Wait, what?

No, not really. Burger King and Jeep were recently hacked. Pitiful Viacom tried to get in on the attention-action by “hackings” of MTV and BET Twitter feeds. Here is a tip for you, MTV. When planning a fake hacking, don’t, you know, announce it.


Isn’t she just precious! And check out the “hacked” tweets.

The accounts then proceeded to retweet a bunch of “OMG, MTV has been hacked” tweets like this.


And then this happened.


Plus, you know, lame. Is that what passes for hip and edgy these days? How sad. Twitter users prove a new adage: All publicity (and any lame attempts therein) is mockable publicity!

Heh. And guess who actually scored big? Denny’s.

Take a page from Denny’s book, Viacom!

And, instead of attempting lame publicity ploys, why don’t you try this?

We’d say don’t quit your day jobs, but you apparently don’t even do those. Fail, MTV and BET. The big winners? The mockery-loving and Denny’s.