Here we go again: Jeep’s Twitter account hacked; Updated

Evidently, Burger King was just an appetizer. Today, it’s Jeep’s turn:

Jeep hacked



Anonymous is claiming responsibility:

We can’t wait to see who’s on the docket for tomorrow.



Cadillac promises it has nothing to do with the hacking:

That settles that.



Looks like all’s well with Jeep once again:

Jeep Twitter page



‘We have an alibi’: Fast food chains address Burger King hacking

  • Marcy Cook

    This could be fun…popcorn please.

  • Lady 12

    Anonymous? Yeah, right.

    • Jillane Kent

      Anonymous is far too busy taking down Israeli (rent a cop) defense websites and cheering on Dorner to do anything that could be construed as humorous.

  • Stone Bryson

    This is GOT to be LulzSec reborn. Anon has gotten a bit too serious for harmless yet amusing hacks like these… that noted, such actions are right up LulzSec’s ally.

    I’ll bring the popcorn if others provide the beverages…

  • Poopiekins22

    I think this is Anon’s response to Lulzsec’s hack from yesterday. Although I’m sure there are quite a few people in common with both.

    I don’t know why I find this amusing though. Kind of like those road construction signs that get hacked to read “ZOMBIES AHEAD!”