Hear, hear, brother. Twitchy continues to stand with Israel, as does comedian and actor Jon Lovitz. Lovitz took to Twitter on Friday to first express his support for Israel. He continues today; he won’t back down nor waver. He also expressed upset at Americans who defend Hamas, a terrorists organization.

As Twitchy has sadly reported, anti-Semitism is rife in some disgusting and hateful corners of the Twittersphere.

Lovitz rightly gives Hamas defenders the business.

Lovitz is then warned that he will be the recipient of vile hate for his support of Israel. His response?

Bravo, sir. As Twitchy also reported, those who offered support or prayers for Israel, like Kim Kardashian and Steven Crowder,  have been viciously attacked for it. Lovitz, used to being attacked by the Left, stands firm.

He continues trying to educate the wilfully ignorant and hateful.



We suspect he’ll be hearing more “opinions” back; in the form of disgusting hate and intolerance. Oh, the loving Left !

Stand strong, Jon. We are with you and we stand with Israel.



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