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Israel hater complains 'extremism' summit focused too much on Muslims

“Where is the summit to counter killer cop extremists?”

Max Blumenthal and 'band of Israel haters' try to equate Israel with ISIS

Max Blumenthal is attracted to a chance to slander Israel like a fly is to a dung pile.

'Gold Rush' star's pro-Israel tweet helps him 'thin out' anti-Semites and haters from his 'Twitter crowd'

“Draw em out and thin em out.”

'Kill urself … Zionist scum': Sean Hannity's Israel tweets greeted with hate

“Too bad that tunnel didn’t collapse with Hannity in it.”

‘Wonder Woman’ actress Gal Gadot receives hate for ‘Shabbat Shalom Israel’ tweet

It didn’t take long for the hate tweets to emerge.

‘Fogged with hate!’ You won’t believe the BBC’s latest example of anti-Israel bias


‘Settler trash’: Haters target three kidnapped Israeli teens

One is a U.S. citizen.

‘Die please’: Hateful tweets pour in toward Israel, Netanyahu


Kourtney Kardashian launches fashion line in Israel; Anti-Zionists hurl hate

On Friday, Kourtney Kardashian announced that the Kardashian Kollection clothing line she created with sisters Kim and Khloe was launching in Thailand and — gasp! — Israel. As Kim Kardashian learned when she tweeted and quickly backtracked on her support for Israel, the mere mention of the word Israel without “death to” in front of it always […]

Radical Israel-hater sparks epic tweet-war

Denizens of Twitter were tweeted to quite a fireworks show tonight when an anti-semitic tweeter with the handle @superdazzle123 decided to mix it up with conservative blogger Mary Climer. The fun started with the above pro-Israel tweet from Climer.  No big deal, but for some reason, someone decided to go trolling 4 hours later. @maryclimer […]

Jon Lovitz: ‘Sad to hear Americans defending Hamas terrorists,’ ‘If hate me for backing Israel, f**k them’

Hear, hear, brother. Twitchy continues to stand with Israel, as does comedian and actor Jon Lovitz. Lovitz took to Twitter on Friday to first express his support for Israel. He continues today; he won’t back down nor waver. He also expressed upset at Americans who defend Hamas, a terrorists organization.

Awesome: Steven Crowder makes video defending Israel, fends off haters

Talented comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder also happens to be a steadfast and ardent support of Israel. And in his latest video, “Israel vs. The World,” he offers up an educational, spirited, and, of course, entertaining defense of Israel’s right to exist. If you stand with anybody BUT Israel… You’re killing gays. […]

Kim Kardashian tweets support for Israel; backtracks after haters hate; Update: Death wishes pour in; Update: Tweet has been deleted; Update: Kardashian apologizes

For better or worse, when Kim Kardashian tweets, people listen. Her tweet this morning in support of Israel immediately set off a chain of hateful rebukes and threats from Hamas supporters.

‘Peace of sh!t’: New York Post headlines Ahmadinejad’s vile anti-Israel hate

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got a warm New York welcome from the New York Post this morning after he declared Israel will be eliminated. Too bad this administration doesn't view Ahmadinejad the same way :/ “@toddstarnes: Today's NY Post! Wow!” — SuzyBitterClinger (@SuzyHomemaker77) September 25, 2012 A’jad, this exclamation point’s for you: The paper also welcomed […]

‘Lost their minds’: State Dept. spox suggests Israelis are ‘guilty of acts of terrorism’ [video]

“So the Obama administration wouldn’t call it terrorism until they could find a way to accuse Israel of terrorism too. Good to note.”

Israeli company targeted for boycott by BDS wants to give jobs and housing to 1000 Syrian refugees

Will BDS boycott SodaStream over this, too?

‘Vile slander’: Rania Khalek wonders if Israel is helping Nepal to ‘learn from the earthquake how to kill better’

Just go away.

Max Blumenthal: For Israel, ‘natural disasters can’t come often enough’

'Chilling' NYT piece exposes anti-Semitism and #BDS hate at prog paradise U.C.L.A.; Update: Link to video added

“Academia – you’ve really got to address this problem.”

‘Holy f*** this is staged’: Tweeters bring the hate to Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress

“This c**t #Netanyahu is off his fkn Zionist war mongering trolley!”

'Mr. President, shut up': Obama calls on Israel to help 'lower tensions' following terrorist attack in Jerusalem

“Clearly both sides are at fault here. One side hacked innocent people to death, the other side existed.”

Dear Eric Holder: Will you investigate this possible hate crime in Brooklyn? [video]

What do we want? Justice.

Scott Baio: 'I stand with Israel'

Of course, the haters had their say.

Lebanese journo who wished Hamas could nuke Israel: Gaza children 'escaped Israel's hatred and savagery'

An ironic claim.

'Amen'! Jon Lovitz: 'If you don't want a fight with Israel, don't pick one'

“Friend of Israel.”

'Look how deep Hamas tunnels dug'! Sean Hannity visits Israel [photos]


Ignorance on parade: Anti-Israel protesters stage die-in to shame Boeing [photos]

“Shut down Israel’s war machine. War profiteering is obscene.”

ExJon wonders why Europeans complain so much about Israel

“Europeans are bitching about Jews’ existence.”

‘#TeamIsrael’: 10 celebs using social media to stand with Israel

“God bless America for letting us have our own opinions and God bless Israel for allowing Jews to have a home.”

Bloomberg urges FAA: ‘It is safe to fly in and out of Israel’

But do not order a large soda.

‘Shut the f*ck up!’ Hate mob reacts to news that IDF will open Gaza field hospital

“Gaza will be a Jewish cemetery.”

‘Just grotesque’: Vox pounded for ‘moronic’ take on murders of three Israeli teens

“Get that everyone? This is what Israel ‘wanted from the crisis.'”

Josh Groban not flooded with hate tweets for non-controversial Obama tweet

Pat yourselves on the back, liberal tolerance brigade.

Vile retweet by NYT’s Nick Kristof compares pro-Israel AIPAC to pigs

Kristof turned to professional anti-Semite MJ Rosenberg for that pearl of wisdom. Mohamed Morsi is beaming. The Free Beacon has much more, including Kristof’s history of taking heat for his writings about Israel. *** Related: Nick Kristof thinks it’s funny to falsely insinuate that Romney hates Palestinians; Updated Nick Kristof: ‘Ordinary guns are WMD’

‘Sesame Street’ actress Sonia Manzano calls Israelis bullies, tormentors

Manzano, who for decades portrayed Maria on “Sesame Street,” apparently doesn’t want anyone to tell her how to get to Israel. After last week’s U.N. decision to award Palestine nonmember observer status, Israel vowed to build 3,000 new settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Manzano, taking a hateful page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook, […]

Singer Alanis Morissette defies boycott, threats over Israel concert

Pop singer Alanis Morissette arrived in Israel today for a concert at Tel Aviv’s Nokia Theater; she last performed there in 2000. Alanis @morissette at the Western Wall today, ahead of her concert in #TelAviv tomorrow. Welcome to #Israel Alanis!… — Arsen Ostrovsky (@Ostrov_A) December 2, 2012 The usual voices of intolerance are protesting […]

Jon Lovitz: ‘Hamas fires rockets at Israel for years; Israel fights back, NOW world says cease fire’

Today, comedian and actor Jon Lovitz is continuing to stand with Israel. Lovitz also took the time to further address some sickening defense of Hamas.

Kim Kardashian apologizes for pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian tweets

Here is her apology, in its entirety: I want to own up to and explain that earlier today I sent out two tweets about saying prayers for the people in Palestine and Israel and after hearing from my followers, I decided to take down the tweets because I realized that some people were offended and hurt by what I said, […]

Jon Lovitz: ‘You mess with Israel, they retaliate … TIMES TEN!!!!!’

Comedian Jon Lovitz: Team America, Team Israel. @realjonlovitz Conservative here thanking you for speaking out for America during election and 4 Israel now. I LOVE Rat Race. So funny!! — Sharon Timmons (@squeek1971) November 16, 2012 @realjonlovitz Love it Jon!! Why don’t people just leave them alone to live in Peace!! — Ken Harford (@EmailMagician) […]

Facing death wishes, Kim Kardashian deletes pro-Israel tweet

Earlier today, Twitchy called attention to Kim Kardashian’s tweet offering prayers to the people of Israel. That tweet resulted in a torrent of hateful tweets, including death wishes. Kardashian tried to mollify the anti-Israel mob with this: Now both of those tweets are gone from Kardashian’s Twitter account.  But Twitchy is forever. Anti-Israel tweeters […]

Supporters of Israel mock jihadists with #HamasBumperStickers, libs outraged

Mockery is always the best medicine. Always.

Cable news pundit Mona Eltahawy out of jail after defacing pro-Israel signs; Muslim Brotherhood cheers

CNN and MSNBC pundit Mona Eltahawy was released from a New York jail cell today after being booked on charges of criminal mischief and graffiti for spray-painting a pro-Israel poster in a New York subway station.

Eltahawy’s vandalism drew the attention of Arabic TV and spawned the #freemona hashtag. The Muslim Brotherhood was quick to offer its support.

Disgrace: US UN delegation does not walk out during Ahmadinejad’s vile anti-Israel speech

The president’s busy travel schedule this past couple of weeks allegedly precluded a face-to-face meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, but he did find time to appear on “The View,” “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “60 Minutes,” where just last night he revealed how he was going to “block out any noise” from Israel regarding Iran’s nuclear program. […]

Jon Lovitz: So, what would happen if Obama went to Israel and Netanyahu snubbed him?

Jon Lovitz’s faith on international relations decisions? Much like his Nobel Prize, Obama didn’t earn that. But, c’mon, Jon. You’re asking us to imagine President Obama actually swinging by Israel during one of his international apology tours? We’re pretty good at suspending disbelief, but that scenario is just too much. Too much! .@realjonlovitz <snort> Yeah, like […]

Nick Kristof thinks it’s funny to falsely insinuate that Romney hates Palestinians; Updated

While false insinuations of racism are a dime a dozen for today’s mainstream media, this one by New York Times’ Nick Kristof is particularly odious. He seems to be dredging up a meme from July, when people were slamming Romney for calmly stating that GDP per capita in Israel is  much higher than in the […]

Shorter vile Pelosi: Republican Jews don't support Israel, they just want tax breaks

No, really. She disgustingly said that. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims that Republican Jews are “being exploited,” and they don’t really care about Israel. What do they care about? Only tax breaks. They can’t possibly choose to be Republican and support Israel. Nope; it’s exploitation, otherwise they wouldn’t stray from the leftist plantation. Know your place, Jewish people!

'Revlon hates the 99%': Left calls for boycott after Revlon CEO hosts Romney fundraiser

Looks like the Soros monkeys at Media Matters have their next boycott project. After Revlon chairman and chief executive Ronald O. Perelman hosted a Romney fundraiser at his East Hampton home Sunday, progressives are calling for a boycott of all Revlon products. Never mind that Revlon raises tens of millions for cancer research and sponsors numerous charitable efforts, […]

‘Magnificent’: Benjamin Netanyahu silently stares down UN General Assembly for 45 seconds [video]

You want to feel the burn? This is feeling the burn.