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‘Die please’: Hateful tweets pour in toward Israel, Netanyahu

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Kourtney Kardashian launches fashion line in Israel; Anti-Zionists hurl hate

Kourtney Kardashian

On Friday, Kourtney Kardashian announced that the Kardashian Kollection clothing line she created with sisters Kim and Khloe was launching in Thailand and — gasp! — Israel. As Kim Kardashian learned when she tweeted and quickly backtracked on her support for Israel, the mere mention of the word Israel without “death to” in front of it always […]

Radical Israel-hater sparks epic tweet-war


Denizens of Twitter were tweeted to quite a fireworks show tonight when an anti-semitic tweeter with the handle @superdazzle123 decided to mix it up with conservative blogger Mary Climer. The fun started with the above pro-Israel tweet from Climer.  No big deal, but for some reason, someone decided to go trolling 4 hours later. @maryclimer […]

Jon Lovitz: ‘Sad to hear Americans defending Hamas terrorists,’ ‘If hate me for backing Israel, f**k them’


Hear, hear, brother. Twitchy continues to stand with Israel, as does comedian and actor Jon Lovitz. Lovitz took to Twitter on Friday to first express his support for Israel. He continues today; he won’t back down nor waver. He also expressed upset at Americans who defend Hamas, a terrorists organization.

Awesome: Steven Crowder makes video defending Israel, fends off haters

Steven Crowder

Talented comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder also happens to be a steadfast and ardent support of Israel. And in his latest video, “Israel vs. The World,” he offers up an educational, spirited, and, of course, entertaining defense of Israel’s right to exist. If you stand with anybody BUT Israel… You're killing gays. […]

Kim Kardashian tweets support for Israel; backtracks after haters hate; Update: Death wishes pour in; Update: Tweet has been deleted; Update: Kardashian apologizes


For better or worse, when Kim Kardashian tweets, people listen. Her tweet this morning in support of Israel immediately set off a chain of hateful rebukes and threats from Hamas supporters.

‘Peace of sh!t’: New York Post headlines Ahmadinejad’s vile anti-Israel hate


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got a warm New York welcome from the New York Post this morning after he declared Israel will be eliminated. Too bad this administration doesn't view Ahmadinejad the same way :/ “@toddstarnes: Today's NY Post! Wow!”— Suzy Homemaker (@SuzyHomemaker77) September 25, 2012 A’jad, this exclamation point’s for you: The paper also welcomed […]

Josh Groban not flooded with hate tweets for non-controversial Obama tweet


Pat yourselves on the back, liberal tolerance brigade.

Vile retweet by NYT’s Nick Kristof compares pro-Israel AIPAC to pigs

Kristof turned to professional anti-Semite MJ Rosenberg for that pearl of wisdom. Mohamed Morsi is beaming. The Free Beacon has much more, including Kristof’s history of taking heat for his writings about Israel. *** Related: Nick Kristof thinks it’s funny to falsely insinuate that Romney hates Palestinians; Updated Nick Kristof: ‘Ordinary guns are WMD’

‘Sesame Street’ actress Sonia Manzano calls Israelis bullies, tormentors

Manzano, who for decades portrayed Maria on “Sesame Street,” apparently doesn’t want anyone to tell her how to get to Israel. After last week’s U.N. decision to award Palestine nonmember observer status, Israel vowed to build 3,000 new settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Manzano, taking a hateful page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook, […]