Oh, yes, he did.

Dennis Miller appeared on ‘The O’Reilly Factor” last night.

He had a little something to say about President Obama’s press conference yesterday.

Ha! As Twitchy reported, the press conference was a fawning swoon-fest; the drool buckets were working overtime!

Mr. Miller held the lapdog paws to the fire.

More from NewsBusters:

DENNIS MILLER: Listen, I didn’t watch the press conference because I wanted to see a crowd that was less fawning. So I watched the Justin Bieber concert over on Nick Tunes, okay?

BILL O’REILLY, HOST: They were pretty accommodating to the President today. The only guy was our guy Ed Henry. He’s the best. Henry gave him a little jazz, but that was it. Everybody else was, look how well turned out they are, Miller. Look how well scrubbed they are.

MILLER: Well, the ones who aren’t wearing red are red-faced from embarrassment about how they rolled for this guy. Ed Henry is about to be gang-audited. And I get it. I’m sort of shrugging too. I feel like Deep Throat in the parking garage talking about Obama. You’ll get nothing from me on Haldeman.

Heh. So true! Dennis Miller also called out the idiocy of the liberal boycott attempts of restaurants that are forced to try to deal with the crushing financial realities of Obamacare. Let’s go to the video tape!

Of course, this caused the oh-so-classy Left to lash out at Mr. Miller.



Can you feel the love and tolerance? By love and tolerance, we of course mean hate and threats.

The sane, however, agree with Mr. Miller and applaud him for calling it like he sees it.



Bingo! Thanks for continuing to be a happy warrior, Mr. Miller! Keep it coming.