One might think that parodying the self-parody known as BuzzFeed would be impossible. Oh, how wrong that assumption would be! Twitter is at the ready to do the near impossible, and with hilarious results.

If you aren’t following the self-described “parody, but very BuzzFeed-like” @LOLBuzzFeed Twitter account, you should be.

As Twitchy reported last night, BuzzFeed, in typical fashion, issued a false headline. This one claimed that Paul Ryan was “testy” and walked out on reporters. “Just bloggers” called them out and the headline was changed. LOLBuzzFeed immediately began making side-splitting updates of its own.

And the well-deserved mocking doesn’t end there. As Twitchy has reported, as the Obama campaign has unraveled, so have “reporters” at BuzzFeed. Recently, a BuzzFeed “reporter” breathlessly tweeted that Romney’s car had passed a confederate flag. Cue the ominous music reserved for racist-y racists! The only thing missing was a TwitPic of a white, hooded tarp.

That same “reporter” then tweeted about Romney’s “morbid” stories. Like the time he helped a dying child.

Next, Ben Smith of BuzzFeed declared that the Obama scandal is totally no big whoop. LOLZ, rubes!

And that was all just in the last week! None of it will be swept under the lapdog rug, if Twitter users have anything to do with it. Happy warriors hold BuzzFeed lapdogs’ paws to the fire, while giggling. They can multitask!

Besides the cardio work-out from giggling, there is another benefit to this hilarious mockery. It’s getting to BuzzFeed.

Oh, how true that is. Enter, BuzzFeedAndrew.

Waaah! Someone needs a nap!

Bingo. Keep the pressure on, Twitter.

Indeed. The giggles are priceless.

And so is that. BuzzFeed tears? So delicious.