Lapdog at BuzzFeed ‘reports’: ‘Romney just passed a confederate flag’; Ace of Spades pounds

ZOMG! Romney’s racist motorcade!

Well, that settles it. Not only is Mitt Romney racist for referring to his sons, but Romney’s motorcade has nefarious ties to white supremacist groups. And likely has a white hooded tarp stashed in its trunk.

Ace of Spades calls out Zeke Miller at BuzzFeed and the result is glorious.

He demolishes him further:

Awww. Obama loves his wife so much he seeks out baked goods bearing her name.

Meanwhile Romney’s motorcade has its GPS set to KLAN MODE, taking sketchy back-routes and by-ways once used by Quantrill’s Raiders.

You must read the whole thing. But, fair warning: People might give you funny looks.

“Real reporter”: 0

“Just a blogger” Ace of Spades: 1,783

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