Bless their precious hearts!

DNC communications director is in full panic mode, and is bitterly clinging to the Big Bird nonsense as a campaign issue. He pathetically tried hawking the Obama campaign’s absurd Big Bird ad today.

Oh, honey. Even “Sesame Street” wants nothing to do with Team Obama. In a side-splitting turn of events, they asked that the ad be taken down.

Woodhouse, however, keeps his obsession going.

Full tweet.

So all battleground states RT @CarrieNBCNews: RT @chucktodd: Obama campaign source confirms my suspicion, Big Bird TV ad is not airing in any battleground states. Nat’l cable only

Game changer!

In the minds of the deluded only.

Ha! Fat chance. Pesky things like that don’t make President Squee look good.

The always mockable Public Policy Polling gets in on the idiotic action by polling … on Big Bird. Again. No, for reals.

The rightful mockery was swift and fierce. Not a sunny day for the Left.

PublicPolicyPolling doesn’t escape the mockfest either. Thankfully, because it’s hilarious.’s Dana Loesch tries to help them out. She’s a giver!


Romney sums it up.