As Twitchy reported earlier, there was a shooting at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., this morning.

The Left screeches about new tone and civility, and shamelessly, and shamefully, blamed Sarah Palin for shootings due to the use of crosshairs in ads. However, the Family Research Council was actually put in crosshairs.

It doesn’t. It is left-wing hate, through and through.

A “hate group,” because they believe in traditional marriage. The Left has targeted them over and over and fostered a climate of hate.

Reports are coming in describing the scene. The shooter screeched about the “hate” values before he began shooting.

Leftists on Twitter weigh in, in vile form.

No H8? So, shooting while muttering about someone’s values is totally loving?



Yes. Then why does the Left keep inciting hate?

Update: They continue inciting and fostering hate.

And fake sympathy from the Left: Smug lefty self-back-patting, but qualified with “you totally had it coming.”

More who can’t express sympathy without furthering the incitement of hate by calling FRC a “hate group.”

And, repugnant:

The moral bankruptcy, it scorches.

Update: They keep exposing themselves for the morally bankrupt cretins they are.

Update: Shooter, identified as Floyd Corkins, was reportedly volunteering at an LGBT organization. Is that where he learned about the FRC “values” that he was screeching about? Was he taught that they are a “hate group”?

More from Associated Press:

Corkins made a negative comment about the organization before the shooting, but the reference was not specific, one of the law enforcement officials said.

The guard, Leo Johnson, was in stable condition and was being interviewed.

Corkins had been volunteering for about the past 6 months at The DC Center for the LGBT Community, said David Mariner, executive director of the community center, which is in Northwest Washington. He usually staffed the center’s front desk on Saturdays, and his most recent shift was about two weeks ago.

Reaction rolls in.

Update: Corkins is being held tonight on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Twitchy will continue to monitor and update.