As Twitchy reported yesterday, The Independent’s Guy Adams was suspended from Twitter over disparaging tweets aimed at NBC’s total fail of Olympics coverage. While it was reported yesterday that NBC initiated the complaint, new information seems to indicate that Twitter alerted NBC executives to the tweets and told them to file a complaint.

Guy Adams has an article up at The Independent relaying the new information.

Plenty of people disagree that I broke said rules. And many have also pointed out that Twitter’s actions seem a bit rum… because the popular, but currently-not-very-lucrative site just so happens to be in a commercial relationship with NBC.

This evening, an ominous development: according to an NBC spokesman called Christopher McCloskey, it was the micro-blogging site – and not NBC – that was responsible for initiating the complaint that lead to my suspension in the first place.

I’d be fascinated to hear how Twitter explain or justify this.

Mr. Adams says he’d love to “get back on Twitter” and he has responded to Twitter’s trust and safety department (his email reply is reprinted in full in his article).

Other Twitter users would also like to hear Twitter explain or justify this action. And that doesn’t include more finger-pointing between NBC/Twitter partners.

Others don’t find it so ominous. Well, they find snark in the ominous, at least.

Twitchy will monitor the situation and update as developments occur.

Update: Guy Adams’ account has been reinstated.

Update: No apology from NBC/Twitter team.

Update: Where is the coverage?

Update: Twitter issues an “apology.”