Politicizing women is all the Democrats have, it seems. Of course, we are to shaddup if it’s an Obama surrogate or high-ranking consultant saying worse things. Hilary Rosen, anyone? The media, of course, will jump on the DNC-pushed tweets as a way to continue to carry Obama’s water, using the embeds who are there to “catch” Romney. They have already teamed up against Romney and pulled the same stunt in the Fluke kerfuffle.

The story is that evidently Mitt Romney’s new foreign policy spokesman, Richard Grenell, can get a bit catty on Twitter. Oh, the horror! He even … gasp … made fun of Callista Gingrich’s hair. The monster! He is, of course, scrubbing his Twitter account. That’s what you have to do in the age of incessant boo-boo feelings and perpetual victim-hood. And now they need some manufactured outrage.

Look, dames aren’t babies who go running to cry in the corner if someone makes fun of their hair, for cripes sake. How patronizing, Democrats. Why don’t you try cleaning your own house first? We’ll help. Start here:

Obama SuperPAC donor Bill Maher savages Ann Romney; conservatives on Twitter lash back

And here:

Ann Romney joins Twitter to respond to radical feminist attack; Hilary Rosen digs in, Axelrod/Messina flee

And here:

Have a little chat with Obama’s Secretary of State while you’re at it, since you are so concerned with foreign policy people making disparaging remarks about women.

And maybe tell your supporters to stop with the violent threats against women.


Or the vile and beyond revolting slurs. A tad worse than poking fun at one’s hair.

It’s okay because Governor Brewer isn’t a real woman, right?

This is how Democrats treat a woman who made a joke.

And maybe don’t allow President Obama to consider the repulsive misogynist Andrew Sullivan as “thoughtful analysis.”

Then try talking about issues that actually concern everyone, including women.


We are people, you know, and not just some special interest group. Of course, that’s all the Democrats think we are and they will use us every chance they get.

And the Twitter account of the Democratic party is in full “use women” mode today.

Aided by Senator Boxer.

Politicizing women at every turn should be the Democrats’ slogan.