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Rep. Thomas Massie Shares Heartbreaking Personal News

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File

A 'Twitchy' favorite, Representative Thomas Massie, shared some very sad news yesterday.


Our hearts go out to the Massie family at this devastating time. Representative Massie and his wife, Rhonda, were high school sweethearts and spent their adult lives together building a tremendous legacy.

The Massie family shared beautiful memories of their time together. His wife's radiant smile stands out in all of the photos.

Thankfully, they have the beautiful memories of this last trip together, but the shock must be so very jarring.

Through memories shared, it is so clear the Massies had a true friendship and partnership and were an example of a loving and supportive union.


Representative Chip Roy led Congress in a moment of silence to honor Rhonda Massie. It was a sacred and rare display of bipartisanship.


Please pray for the Massie family as they navigate the difficult days ahead. May Rhonda Massie's memory be a blessing to all who knew and loved her.


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