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Lily White Leftist Historian Laments Lack of Job Options Because DEI but Quickly Walks the Truth Back

Fuzzy Chimp (adapted from Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)

David Austin Walsh is a historian who would like to be a professor. He is one of those historians who would literally cover himself in ashes and wear sackcloth to apologize for his sin of being white. It's hard to look at. Anyway, he had a minute of clarity and wrote a bit of a thread about how he is unemployable as a professor because he is a male, in his thirties and white. He has all the necessary credentials, but his gender and race mean he likely won't ever get a job. 


So, Walsh had a moment of clarity, and he got in big trouble from Leftist land. He immediately walked it back and quickly took his lashings for daring to express his very frustrating reality. How quickly he jumped back in line. 

Literally, this is exactly Rufo's wheelhouse and he is loving it.


As if a conservative could even get a job in higher education.


It's like he decided for a moment to walk toward the light, and then was sucked back into the black hole of DEI..

Also, he's a poser.

This is the only possible outcome in their weird mythology. 

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