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Mayor Eric Adams Suggests Migrants Fill Empty Lifeguard Positions Because They're Good Swimmers


Mayor Eric Adams apparently has lost his mind. Perhaps all of his travel has interfered with his REM sleep and now he is talking crazy.


Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday suggested migrants should be hired to fill the city’s lifeguard shortage — because “they’re excellent swimmers.”

Hizzoner dropped the comment after being asked during a City Hall briefing about lifeguard staffing at the city’s beaches and pools, which have increasingly had issues in recent years, ahead of Memorial Day. 

Going off on a tangent, Adams indicated that Gotham’s lifeguard shortages could easily be fixed if migrant work visas were being expedited for those jobs that needed to be filled up quickly.  

Apparently, this is just another Leftist making it clear they want migrants here to do the work Americans don't want to do. Democrats only see migrants as people they can use to do menial labor.

Adams literally just played into a terrible racial trope. What is wrong with this guy?



He really did.

He needs some better advisors.

The jokes write themselves.

Or 'The Onion' because it is no longer even an edgy satire site.

Our hero, Bill Melugin, the only person accurately reporting from the border, was left without words. That's a first.


Maybe if he had ever taken the time to study the migrant issue, he might know this.

If a Republican said this, it would be nonstop news, their career would be in shambles, and they likely would have to take their family into hiding.

Who could blame him?

Having that (D) after your name excuses everything when it comes to Mainstream Media. Being a Democrat has its privileges.

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