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A reporter tried to get into fancy NY eateries dressed like Fetterman ... and hilarity ensued

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

If you haven't been living under a rock, you've heard about the Senate bending the dress code rules to suit John Fetterman. We thought he was against white privilege, but here we are. Jon Levine of the 'New York Post' decided to have a bit of fun with it. Levine donned Fetterman's usual uniform of gym shorts and a hoodie and attempted to dine in some of New York's finest eateries.


Intrepid Post reporter Jon Levine learned that hard truth this week when he crisscrossed the Big Apple’s culinary landmarks wearing Fetterman’s trademark hoodie, gym shorts and sneakers and tried to gain entry — only to face scorn and mockery from maître d’s with more common sense than Congress.

“He would not be permitted here,” sniffed a maître d at Daniel on the Upper East Side, where a seven-course tasting menu runs $275.

She admitted she didn’t know who Fetterman was. 

“We have turned away guests for being improperly dressed regardless of their occupation,” she continued.  

What if they claim they are depressed though? Heh.

Le Bernardin’s wine director, Aldo Sohm, said jackets and pants were on loan to those with Fetterman’s fashion sense. 

At the double-Michelin star Jean-Georges near Columbus Circle, no less than four sentinels outside its dining room vetoed The Post’s entry, ending the dream of feasting on the famed $368, 10-course tasting menu that includes caviar salad, king crab and smoked squab.

“Inside we don’t allow shorts,” said one, repeatedly insisting it would be “impossible” to get around the dress code, which also forbids jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts.


So, apparently our Senate has lower standards than places to eat in New York. What a world.

The Senate is supposed to be an actual job though, so yeah, generally there is some expectation you appear to bathe daily.

This actually sounds like Fetterman, exactly. He should get to wear shorts, but the staff who actually does the menial tasks and earns the lower salaries, have to dress up. 

When Fetterman ran for the Senate, he knew the dress code. He still chose to 'apply' for that job. Now, he is asking the job to accommodate him. That is the problem, here.


A literal cat works harder than John Fetterman.

Again, the Senate DOES have a dress code. Like the spoiled rich man he is, once he was elected, Fetterman decided to throw a tantrum so he could wear what he wanted. It's the ultimate in coddled behavior. None of us should be surprised to see it coming from a man supported by his parents for most of his adult life.

Bingo! He has had it his whole life and he wasn't about to change for the Senate.

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