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Chuck Todd challenges Gavin Newsom on COVID closures and Newsom is as infuriatingly smug as ever

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

One of the most infuriating memories of COVID is the absolute unfair protocol used to determine what should stay open and what should be forcefully closed. For example, strip clubs were necessary, but churches were closed. Target could stay open, but the local hardware store was not necessary. Today, in his last show, Chuck Todd asked Governor Gavin Newsom about just that.


Gavin never gets any less smug.

Oh, you misunderstand. Gavin is rich, handsome and powerful. He is not required to follow the same rules as the poor and unbotoxed. Maybe get a laser treatment, some liposuction and a Haley Bieber Erewhon Smoothie and you can then get on his level.

Gavin's kids would never go to school with the ugly normies.

You have to entertain the masses so they comply. It's also very important for rich and famous people to gather and tell each other how wonderful and skinny they are.


As we wrote about earlier, this is Chuck Todd's last show so apparently he decided to go out with a bang. Hope he isn't excluded from Gavin's next soiree for daring to challenge Gavin with the Good Hair.

Gavin has 'evolved' since that personal failure, you see.

The powerful people in government view themselves as way more intelligent than the citizens so they aligned their choices with their priorities. Apparently, they don't enjoy church, but really like strip clubs. Actually, that's not all that surprising.


It's a shame Harvey Weinstein is in prison now and can no longer donate to Gavin's campaign.

Kamala Harris does the same. It must be a politician from California thing. Perhaps, we should stop elevating them to higher office.

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