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Kurt Schlichter condemns Scott's response to Florida curriculum query ... 'not on my BINGO Card'

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

All week, the Left led by Vice President Kamala Harris, have played faux concerned as they clutched their pearls over Florida's African American history standards. Even after one of the authors of the benchmarks, a noted educator, historian and descendant of slaves himself, explained the inclusion of the 'benefit' line, the corporate media still attempted to 'gotcha' every Republican willing to speak with them. Yesterday's target was Tim Scott and Kurt Schlichter, a lawyer, author and columnist at Townhall, was not impressed with his answer.


Definitely, not the reception Scott hoped for from conservative thought leaders.

As Rush Limbaugh used to warn, you can't allow the Left to control the conversation or set the parameters for the conversation. Republicans have to be careful not to buy in to the false premise of the corporate media. Unfortunately for Scott, this answer missed the mark. 

Tim Scott has always seemed to be a humble and thoughtful guy, so hopefully after considering the feedback from the conservative base, he may just offer that apology. 


Sigh. The primary season is just getting started so there is lots of time to recover from this gaffe. The Left is always looking to trip up a conservative candidate. They must always be on guard not to shoot inside the tent, but train their fire on the real enemy, Democrats.

Republicans must stop allowing the Left to cause internal divisions. 

This says it all in a nutshell! Republican candidates must refuse to play the Left's game and don't give them the sound bites they are looking to publish.


It's kind of like when siblings are picking on one another and a kid who isn't related joins in the teasing. The siblings will close rank and let the outsider know only they can name call their relative. The Republican base will tolerate Republicans launching grenades at each other, but if the Left tries it, Republicans should never participate or there are consequences on election day.

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