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Today's civility lesson courtesy of Rep. Steve Cohen: 'Republicans are like arsonists' [video]

Ah, another lesson in “new tone” rhetoric from Rep. Steve Cohen.

Democrats have likened the GOP to hostage-takers and suicide bombers, so why not arsonists? That’s practically mild in comparison.


Partial transcript:

Now they’ve shut down their government like an arsonist sets a fire and they’re coming around acting like they’re firefighters trying to rescue the children who they didn’t realize were in the building who couldn’t get help from the NIH for their cancer treatment. And the veterans they’re gonna rescue who couldn’t go to the memorials. And the federal workers who aren’t getting paid. It is like a Fellini movie.

Yes, just like arsonists, Rep. Cohen. Just. Like. Arsonists.

Pop the popcorn. Dems are becoming completely unglued.


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