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Karen Tumulty takes the fun out of the olinguito; Rep. Steve Stockman to the rescue! [photos]

The world oohed and aahed over the Smithsonian’s announcement of a newly named mammal species on Thursday. Behold the olinguito, described as “a cross between a house cat and teddy bear.”


Sure, the olinguito is a member of the raccoon family with some vicious-looking claws, but the pics are pretty darn adorable. Enter Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty with another photo … of a dead one.

Dead and in the MSNBC green room? That poor olinguito!


Nothing wrong with studying a specimen, but for some, Tumulty really ruined the moment as the world basked in cute overload.

Tumulty says she would have preferred a live olinguito.

Once again, Rep. Steve Stockman scores with an MSNBC burn that gives new and hilarious purpose to Tumulty’s pic.


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