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Richard Dawkins on morality of abortion: 'Any fetus is less human than an adult pig'

Self-important atheism evangelist (and noted douchebag) Richard Dawkins believes he’s come up with a brilliant argument in favor of abortion: Morally speaking, human fetuses are actually less human than pigs.



C’mon, pay attention. Dawkins isn’t saying the life of a human fetus is totally disposable. Just less worthy than a pig.

Over 55 million human lives have been ended by abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. But, asks Dawkins, won’t somebody think of the pigs?


How noble, while comparing human life to swine.

Always the sign of an honest debate? Suggesting pigs have the  human capacity to feel pain.

Poor baby. We’d liken Dawkins to “an adult pig” (metaphorically, natch), but that really wouldn’t be fair to the pig.

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