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Roland Martin meltdown, day 2: 'You just can't handle the truth!'

Another day, another Roland Martin meltdown on Twitter. Yesterday the CNN contributor tore into Rush Limbaugh and his “no-thinking groupies” for—do we even have to tell you?—racism.


See, Limbaugh apparently “plays on the race issue ALL OF THE TIME” (ridiculous), but Martin just makes everything about skin color. Those two things are totally different in Rolandville where dishing out heaping piles of rote, race-obsessed pablum isn’t playing the race card, it’s righteous truth-telling. Or so he decided to tell conservative critics:


Crazy? What crazy? Just because Roland Martin likes to serve up race-centric tweets with a side of all caps, hold the self-awareness, doesn’t mean he comes off as batty. You just can’t handle the truth!



La la la. La la la. Roland can’t hear you.




“I know you are, but what am I?” Great comeback! Roland Martin should be on TV or something.


He’s laughing at them? Really? Because it looks to us like he’s responding to them. Ineptly. Oh, and we’re pretty sure Condoleezza Rice never called Rush Limbaugh a race-obsessed substance abuser.


And Roland Martin is all about logic.

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